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    Great story. I can believe it. Alcohol is an evil and hideous drug. I'm not saying that people cannot/should not enjoy it in moderation if they are capable, but for those that it really gets a hold of, you can find that your bottom is a hell of a lot deeper than you ever thought....

    There has recently been quite an increase in research regarding the benefits of psychedelics, psilocybin specifically. The results are really quite phenomenal, and have recently been on some high profile programs on broadcast TV. Singular high dose treatments have been shown, with extremely high success rates, to have long-term benefits in treating depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. It is even getting the label "wonder drug" in many circles. I don't know what if any research is currently being done with regard to psilocybin and alcoholism, but I know there was quite a bit done back in the 50's and 60's that was very positive, until Nixon ended it.

    I'm not at all surprised by what happened to you. I feel that anxiety and depression are two key factors that lead someone to alcoholism. Booze is a quick fix to what ails you. A moment of silence, of calm. A retreat. You get numb, and everything is cool for a bit. The problem is you pretty much have a total disregard for anyone else around you. Worse, when you come back from being drunk, the anxiety and depression are 10x worse than they were before you got drunk, and so you start over. And, therein lies the vicious, wicked circle of alcoholism. The more you drink, the harder the rebound, until you better just be drunk all the time, or start thinking about cashing your chips in.

    Psychedelics can break that chain. Marijuana will make you stop and say "Hmmm... I wonder." Mushrooms and the like can be like taking a chisel to your skullcap, cracking it open and wandering down the hallways of your brain with just a flashlight. I've been anywhere from wonderment to at war with another vision of myself to demons dancing in the walls. Thank god I never thought to rip my ba**s off hey Petronius? :D But, I would urge you to view this as a catalyst, not a cure. That catalyst can break the chain, kick the bike out of the rut it's been riding in. Compliment that break in the chain by filling the rest of your life in with the things you forgot about when you were drunk. Your hobbies, work, your wife, etc. That will even things out, build a good foundation for you. Stay busy. Idle minds are.... you know the rest. And, every once in a while, go again. Like months or years, not days or weeks. I'm happy for you. Good luck.