Anti-Airgun Hunters? Airbow House Bill in Michigan Brings Out the Fangs!

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    So I have been advocating for this rule change now for a few years and have done multiple DNR demos of this technology. To allow arrows / bolts to be used as an approved projectile and method of take for disabled hunters in the archery season and an approved projectile in the rest of the seasons for all hunters. Michigan was one of the first states to allow for big bore / big game hunting, but left out the airbow technology based on the archery association becoming unglued about this technology. Some of you hunters from the 18 other states that allow for big game hunting had this technology option baked into your state regs when your laws first passed recently. For me, I really just want to be able to Turkey hunt with it in the Spring and Fall and maybe Deer hunt during the firearm season just for kicks. To stop disabled Vets and hunters from using this technology is just protectionist BS!

    This has really drawn out the archery purists to go full butt hurt, snowflake, crazy on this issue. I was able to get my Air Bolt Texan Kit and a donated AirBow and Bulldog from Crosman there in time last week to get through the capitol security in Lansing. The committee hearing is today. This is my official video testimony based on my expertise and technical review of this technology as well as my opinions based on my status as a Post 9-11 U.S. Army Veteran and concerned Michigan resident in support of disabled hunters and disabled veterans. Check it out:

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