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A seasonal warmup.

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Merimac, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Merimac


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    On a different thread, Bobby posted a story of his dogs dam winning a championship that made me think of a few stories of my own.

    A few favorite moments that I have witnessed through the years.

    I was hunting with my friend Greg and his dog Ch. Satin From Silk. Greg finds her on point on a swamp edge. She held point for nine grouse flushing one by one. Greg shot 2. Grinned all the way back to the truck. She stood head and tail high.

    I was hunting with me Friend Jerry Kolter and Ch Houstons Belle. In the hour and fifteen minutes we were down she had twenty individual points all productive with grouse. The last one we had to re located her like nine times. The bird kept running. Finally we got the bird pinned and out it went. I don't remember if we got that bird but we hit a few that day.

    Stories of my own dogs through the years just make me smile

    I could probably write fifty of these with out having to work at it.

    I think its fun to hear the short winded stories. I could picture Bobbies because I enjoy field trials and have enjoyed watching some great dogs.

    Looking forward to hearing yours.
  2. fordman1


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    Thats a lot of birds for 1 short run.

  3. N M Mechanical

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    This one is from "MY" first pointing dog Dakota. We where on Drummond Island and he was 1.5 years old he pointed a grouse and I flushed it, shot but did not see the bird fall. I send him on the retrieve. Dakota was wearing a TT beeper at the time and it got very quite so I went looking for him well where I found him was in a crack under ground and all I saw was the tip of his back legs! So I took off my vest and with my dad holding my feet I climbed in grabbed his his and they pulled us out together man, dog & bird!
  4. wirehair


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    Royal Oak
    I chased an English pointer who stopped about 400 yards into some real nasty cover to find him staring at a grouse on a limb eye level about 20 feet in front of him. I stood there and watched. It was a pure standoff.

    Driving a freshly plowed country road one sunny winter day I stopped to let the brown dog and me out for a pee break and he climbs into the snow bank and digs up a perfectly good turkey, cheese and mustard half sandwich. I took it out of the bag and let him eat it. Maybe the plow guy threw it out the passpassenger window an hour before?
  5. Worm Dunker

    Worm Dunker

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    I have been fortunate enough to be invited to run dogs with the pro in NY TN SC and here in Mi. Also have run dogs with some very good armatures. Seeing what a well breed well trained dog can due takes my breath away. My best moment was after trying for sixteen years for a placement any placement my dog Hunter stood for a seven grouse flush and a woodcock flush. So my first placement was a win at Gladwin. Everybody there new what it meant to me and everybody shook my hand even the pro's there.