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    In case people have not gotten around to reading the groundrules, or are generally confused about site policy:
    • We try to be a family site. Keep that in mind when you are posting.
    • From the perspective of the moderators here, linking to a site that has material we would delete here, is equivalent to posting that same material here.
      So even if you are just linking a funny or interesting news article, if the linked site has nekkid ladies in its banner ads, we will delete the link.
    • We appreciate your help when you let us know that someone has posted some objectional material, or has linked to it, because frankly, there are too many posts each day for us to keep up with every last one.
    Sorry if this approach seems draconian. Keep in mind, you are always free to exchange such material and links privately with your buddies on the site - you just cannot use the publicly-accessed forums here to do so.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.