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A Bit Of I️ce

Discussion in '' started by emrducks, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Duck-Hunter

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    SE MI
    I can't wait for it to lock up, tennis shoe hunters disappear and the greenhead beat down starts. Even better Nov 15th is a little over a day away.

    Break the ice in the launch and clear it before launching. I've trashed so many sets of lights and plates over the years. Those are the days I don't like being the first one to launch. Someone either broke you a path or they all turned around and went home lol.
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  2. The Fishing Pollock

    The Fishing Pollock

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    Lots of ice inside the reed stands up here in the NW corner. Rivers are fine still and the bigger lakes. We had tons of birds 3 days ago. Now it's kind of slow. I felt like this is a good, long season this year. Pulling my last blind this afternoon due to ice.