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    Shot a nice buck on Nov 15th last year and typically shoot 1-3 does during the late gun season. This is on private land. I started off hunting public land in Leelanau County in the late 80s and 90s. 1st year hunting, a guy stole my 6pt that I shot, then I missed an 8pt. Hell of a 1st year, then it went downhill from there. Didn't even see a buck the next 10 years on public. No doe tags back then either. I only hunted 3 days/yr back then. Once I started buying my own hunting land, things changed. Once I started managing, passing smaller deer, and doing food plots, it changed even more. Those of us fortunate enough to own property are living the American dream!
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    New Baltimore Michigan
    I hunted my butt off last year during archery, putting in somewhere around 30 days and 240 hours on stand without putting anything in the freezer. I didn't pass up a single deer that was at least 1.5 years of age. Just didn't see many deer at all, and didn't have shot opportunities on the few archery encounters that I did have.
    I hunted opening day of firearms with the skunk as well. On November 16th I was just about to give up on the season when this 2.5 year old buck decided to have mercy on me.
    The day after Thanksgiving, 11/29/19, On MY VERY NEXT HUNT, I took one of the biggest doe I have ever seen!
    So, I guess it has been about 262 days from today for me.

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    December 7th 2019...killed a doe with my muzzloader.

    Last gun buck was November 15th 2017. 3.5 year old 9 point. 12 gauge 870.

    I enjoy every part of the season from beginning to end.
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    NMI Woods
    I can't remember the last time I killed a buck but then my granddaughter gets first shot sitting with me. Last year she got buck fever looking at antlers and missed with her bow. :) I also have to hunt near camp and can no longer move to different spots. [My glasses are broken in this picture which doesn't help. I tend to do dumb things like that the last few years but I just enjoy still being out.]

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    Macomb Cc
    Got a nice 10 pt last year in U.P. After a number of dry years having to try to identify a number of them with at least 3pts or better! Everywhere I hunted I seen Wolve tracks. Miss the 1987-91 years !
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    harrison township
    It's been somewhere around a week, week and a half. Still have two more damage permits to fill but it's been a lot tougher than I thought. The beans are so tall all you can see are the tips of the deers ears.
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    The last deer I shot was an 8 pt in 2010 with archery. The last one with firearm was probably 2008 or 09. I put half a cow in my freezer each yr so I basically hunt to be outdoors and don’t mind passing. My dad use to tell me I turned into a deer lover instead of a deer hunter.

    I passed on this 8 pt 4 times last season and have a ton of pics of him and a 10 pt so far this year. Maybe I’ll squeeze the trigger this year.. my wife doesn’t think I will.

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