2018 CWD Survey Results

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    Interesting read.

    Looks like most hunters support the states C.W.D. plan. More so the communication of C.W.D. existing.
    With less older bucks/bigger antlered bucks a notable contention , and the use of sharpshooters having more support than anticipated. Assuming the C.W.D. plan is the standard for sharpshooters targets ,it may have been the phrasing not including kills of all deer in culling that has support up. (Would support be the same if mature bucks were certain to be taken on sight in culling sites, vs. leaving them? Regardless of culling's effect on buck fawns and yearlings being taken/ not contributing to year class graduations towards older bucks desired.)

    I looked hardest at the 5 county core figures, being where I been hunting. Seems a solid enough reflection in my opinion. With the exception of sharpshooters having more support than I expected.