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    Grand Haven, MI
    I purchased a Thermacell that clips to my belt and I don't get hot like in the past when I fished without it. Last summer I was fishing with my Thermacell and about 45 mins in thought to myself.. this is great, not getting nailed by mosquitoes. So about 30-45 mins later I realize I'm starting to get pounded by skeeters. I look on my belt and my Thermacell fell off. I retraced my steps and found it, put it back in and no more skeeters. I don't work for Thermacell... I honestly believe in these things. I know have 2 for my patio and 1 for my belt clip, never trout fish in the summer without it.
    Tight Lines...
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    "ever seen one" . Saw a lot of 'em as a kid at my uncle's farm N. of Battle Creek, but have only seen one since, and that was in the Rouge River game area prolly 30 yrs ago.
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    I have saw a few Michigan rattlers...one in my backyard about a year ago and I moved with a broom handle (I was afraid that my dogs would get bit) and not one time did it strike...I've saw more aggressive garter snakes. I live in the city I was shocked to see it.

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    I've also had to change my shorts after encountering a Puff Adder(Hog Snake) while walking to some prime fishing water. Thought I had encountered a rattle snake without the rattles. Almost stepped on it. Didn't even see it until it started hissing at me puffing up its' head and curling up with its' mouth open in the strike mode.
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    Reading this thread brings back lots of great memories. Perhaps my best, was a cold rainy/snowy May 8, 1985. Hooked up 8 stream browns between roughly 5 and 10 pounds. Never matched that day again. Also, recall having my waders, thankfully not me, struck by rattlers on 2 occasions. Not so fond of memory there.

    Put my feet back in a trout stream 4 times this season, first time in nearly 30 years. Three of the stretches hadn't changed much, very happy to see that. Fourth stretch, completely different and very few trout. Managed one 21" brown, a 19", and several smaller browns and a few brookies. Balance not the same as 30 years ago, although I managed to stay dry. If God blesses me with good health, I'm looking forward to stepping in a trout stream again next year.

    Thanks for helping bring back lots of great memories with your posts. Gave me the motivation to step back in a trout stream.
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    . Just read this post. Nice fish. Next step is the 24 inch brown and after that you will be truly addicted