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  • In Store Gas Dock - Non Ethanol Gas Snacks, Subs, Pop, Beer, Ice Tackle - Panfish, Bass, Muskie, Walleye, Ice fishing. Check our Online Store Fishing Licenses- Michigan, Canada, Walpole Marina - Boat wells Annual or Daily Large Selection of Live Bait Worms- Lg & Sm Nightcrawlers, Leaf, Green Minnows- Emeralds or Goldens Lg & Sm Chubs, Suckers Crayfish Spikes, Wax Worms, Mousies in season 586-949-9223 Check Out Our Online Store (Summer & Winter) above.

    Anglers Point

    Chesterfield,Lk StClair directly across from Selfridge


  • Quality, performance, Innovation, customer service and Industry leading warranty is what makes Predator Hunter Outdoors stand out above the rest! No matter what your game, predator hunter outdoors has just what you need when it comes to hunting predators at night. Weapon mounted hunting lights for your rifle, shotgun, compound bow, crossbow as well as a full line of night vision and thermal imaging scopes and handheld devices.

    Predator Hunter Outdoors.



  • From Maine to Washington State, and Michigan to Louisiana, deer hunters are using Northwoods Whitetails products in all climates and conditions. We have tested various seeds and blends for years and have developed the highest quality food plot blends on the market. We do not use cheap seed or fillers to boost our profits.

    Northwoods Whitetails

    Michigan's Upper Peninsula


  • Dead End Tackle is a locally based Michigan business. We fish the same waters as most of our customers and talk to many anglers about their tactics and presentations. That being said, we try to put out products that will conform to any anglers’ liking cause no 2 people are the same. Our commitment to our brother and sister anglers is to produce quality fishing tackle that will conform to your needs and put more fish in the boat for you. DET.

    Dead End Tackle

    Michigan based Tackle business


  • GK World Championship Calls was founded in 1999, by Todd Svoboda, who designed the original Giant Killer. He pursued his vision to develop a short reed goose call that would deliver the tonal quality and realism of the Canada goose. The call became an instant success amongst professional guides and competition callers, and is still in production today. In 2003, the company was restructured and purchased by Bob Alfieri. Since then, GK has developed twelve different models of both duck and goose calls in an effort to cater to all of our customer’s needs.

    GK World Championship Calls

    Troy, MI


  • When you’ve heard the snap of fallen branches under your boots on a quiet winter morning, smelled the fresh tilled earth of a recently plowed field, and hiked the fence line around every acre of your property, you know that land is more than the dirt under your feet. The land is in your blood. The forests, fields, and farmland of our customers contain family memories to last a lifetime. For our sellers, those memories reach back decades, and for our buyers, those are memories yet to be made. Stoney Creek Outdoor Properties is here to connect buyers with sellers who have a shared passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

    Stoney Creek Outdoor Properties

    St. Johns, Michigan


  • Jon Bondy has been a multi species guide for 23 years on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River and has fished the system for more than 30 years. As with any devoted guide, he is constantly trying to improve his craft, from searching for fish to designing better lures to catch them. That is how the Bondy Bait Company started 17 years ago. The first lure developed was the original Bondy Bait, which as of now has won 24 musky tournaments, followed soon by the, Bondy Magnum ,the Hot Orba and Royal Orba, St. Clair Grub and Jig, Bondy Wobbler and Mini Wobbler, and many others.

    Bondy Bait Co.

    Lake St. Clair


  • When the Andrea Loggia family immigrated to Kerikeri, New Zealand, he took with him a family trade passed on through five generations in Sicily- the ability to make the finest, most superb Limoncello they knew of. Fortunately, he came to a place that had the perfect maritime climate for growing world-class lemons. Sovrano Limoncello is 100% natural without any artificial colors or preservatives. They only use locally-produced neutral spirits; distilled to an incredibly high 96.4% level of purity.

    Sovrano Limoncello

    Lake Orion, Michigan


  • Rod Building Supplies, Lure Making Supplies, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Tackle and Fly Tying Supplies

    Janns Netcraft



  • Mad Viking Tackle Company is a Michigan based company that custom builds the highest quality fishing tackle for a variety of species in the Great Lakes region. Everything we make is hand made by us, we do not import anything! We also try our hardest to only purchase materials made here in the United States. For example, our hooks are made in Colorado, the blades are produced in Ohio and the line and wire we use on our rigs is made right here in Michigan.

    Mad Viking Tackle Co.



  • Sportsmens Direct Inc (SDI) was formed in 2009 by John Bacarella and a small group of passionate sportsmen, in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. While the economy crashed, they saw innovative, high quality products dying in basements, garages, pole barns and small shops across our great country. As an inventor, John looked for a way to share these products with sportsmen across the country, without the risks and expense of the retail market.

    Sportsmens Direct

    38989 Jefferson Ave, Harrison Charter Township, MI 48045


  • Big lake fishing equipment.

    Anglers Avenue