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Worm Dunker
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Feb 17, 2018 at 1:29 PM
Sep 11, 2000
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Worm Dunker

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Feb 17, 2018 at 1:29 PM
    1. miturkey
      Is Max still available and do you know if he is house broke.
    2. edwardjmoore15
      Where did you get your setters from?
    3. gunner7848
      HAve you sent your check out or talk with bear creek to arrange something
    4. dash102576
      Hey Terry how is it going? have you bred hunter anymore. i have a female from him and snow i love that little dog. have you heard how the others are doing the one i have took 1rst in a puppy stake this fall. Dale
    5. N.M
      Hey I wondered if you got my P.M?
    6. rocketmann
      This is the guy that got the English Setter from Richard you posted about. Dog is doing very good. Had a little issue with round worms but I got some medicine from the vet and he is doing just fine. He is already a part of the family and everybody loves him.

      reason for this message is I need to contact Richard and havent had any luck. Just need the name of the dogs last vet or the contact info for the previous owner. Need to get his shots and need to know what he has already had.

      any help would be great, thanks
      Paul Medina
    7. Rooster_Smasher
      Where ya located ??? Might pay ya a visit and look that stuff over...

    8. rocketmann
      saw the post about the setter. I have been looking for a dog for a while. I am looking to get one soon and this might work for me. hope you don't mind if I tell him i saw your posting on this chat board. plan on calling him tomorrow..
    9. Bronzebkr
      very interested in the lowrance. Whats the price and ur phone number
    10. Joeker51
      Worm da man. Check the thread I started in the St.Clair forum and then look at my visitor messages. I say it's a king (pic is in the thread ) Stinger/Aaron seems a bit confused. Take a look and let us know what you think.
    11. Team Icemonkey
      Team Icemonkey
      If no one has snatched up the auger let me know I would be interested and within 1/2 hour drive of Lansing maybe little more depending on my speed!!
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