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Apr 24, 2018 at 12:52 PM
Feb 21, 2006
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Apr 24, 2018 at 12:52 PM
    1. Corey K
      Corey K
    2. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      I haven't done any good at all this spring so far, Haven't fished the Big since dec.
      Been on the ausable a few times that's it..
    3. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Hey man, you been fishing?
      Buddy said the browns were good on south weather systems, Just wondering if you've been able to get up there?
    4. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      I should warn you, with an HD chevy and A 100hp Merc I'm not real Eco-friendly-LOL
    5. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Oh,I know..
      It's tough for me to get my lisa in the boat when there's Ton's of snow, She's alot smarter Now!! lol-
      If I told you what I've put that girl thru-LOL!!
      The boat doesn't like it Real cold, When it's bad over there I usually hit the Ausable. I've got another 16' I run over there..
      pm me your location, this weather let's up a little I'm in.
    6. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      It's been awhile since we caught Really Big fish, 2000 was the last Big year, we've caught lot's up to 13# w/only a couple bigger ones mixed in.
      I don't kill limits, But I'll keep the net man Thing in mind. I get friday's off too..
    7. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Opening weekend was the best bro, That sat15 we went 7/9 in first two spots that morning.

      They been hangin low man, Last yr. they didn't move till spring.
      That spot there, is a beotch! everyone we hooked ran into all the brush right there, We got sooo Lucky.. I let them all go for ya, so? Your Welcome. LOL-:lol:

      The river channel low is really nice this yr. All the rain in june just absolutely re-carved it. I can dig it! I was gettin up too 8.6' where it was 6' last Nov. I think there is high teeners in the river myself. Tried/trying to get Lisa to go!!!!!
    8. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Well I'll use all launches. But last time up we put in below 55 and came up almost to coho bend Thursday 27, friday I fished rainbow up to well above the bear and down to almost coho bend. Saturday found us back down low, 55 up again. Couldn't find the "bulk" of the fish like we did the week before.

      Did I see you down there, I had the orange dune buggy flag flyin up front?
      i'm the only one that fly's a flag.

      They had really scatterd and spread out.
      When were pullin plugs we cover lots of water to find "the fish" were looking for. You know they say that birds of a feather flock together, Couldn't be more true for steelies. The tend to group by age class I've found.

      We did find good fish just not many in any One spot,**$%# Busted a brute there every day we fished it.
    9. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Ya the #1 Is my workhorse also.
      I may get rid of the #2 down the road. Lisa thinks it's pretty. It doesn't cast nearly as well as the #1.

      Were you on foot fishing the big, or you a boater now?
    10. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Reading the post below, Theres alot of bigger fish this yr. bro.
      Lisa and I fished Thanksgiving and got 2 BIG lm strains that were all spawned up, 13 & almost 15, 34" we did pretty good..
      Saw alot of skams that weekend that weren't there the week before.
      The opener of deer was better fishing for us. openin day was 37 I think, so in that amount of time we've bottomed out on temp today is 34*
    11. Ron Matthews
      Ron Matthews
      Hey Man, you run a 1 or 2 or both?
      what's your fav and why? I think I know Your answere, But curious??
    12. FishKilla419
      Hey Treven did you get a new screen name on TSS(Dr.Trevorkian)? Just saw a reply to my thread and it sounded like your material. Just curious. Been out lately?
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