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Greenville and Rose City
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Aug 24, 2016
    1. MLindy
      Hello-I was given your name from the waterfowl forum as a guide. I'm a single looking for duck hunting during the week. Can a guide take one guy? Please give me more details or refer me to a guide service you recommend. Thank you.
    2. Quad82
      Don't know what happened with half my post. But I was saying that I have 2 cases of blueberries in the freezer for you and your dad.
    3. Quad82
      How's it going? I Not really. I have them in the freezer at work. But I would like to drop them off sometime. I am on call this week. But I have a half day off next Friday for the tourney. You might not want to mess with them then. But I can deliver to Greenville or something. See ya
    4. Quad82
      Hi guy. How have you been? I plan on getting enough for you to make yourself a double batch of wine. Blueberries are coming in. How much would you like? Please make sure you get more than enough! I am hoping to make it to the Tourny but that is the same weekend we go to the UP perch fishing. I would sure like to get more Salmon for the freezer again this year. Take care. Darrell
    5. fisheyejack
      what got me off site for 6months was publically speaking my observations and opinions on commercial netting perch and how unfair and what poor conservationist the netters back at u
    6. 1I Willie
      1I Willie
      Steve, never took the time to thank you and Tim for putting us on the fish when I went out with you with Walleyes For Warriors. Thanks
    7. mangolddj
      Hey Steve,
      Been a while. Hope your winter went OK. You still interested in getting together to fish the big pond? Got some stuff going on but will be available starting May 10th. Let me know.
    8. honk/quack
      Hey Steve, just wondering if you're catching anything in the bay. Spearing has been a little slow around here because of the cold weather.
    9. honk/quack
      Hey Steve,

      Generally, hunting has been slow although I did have a couple of successful days (but any day hunting is a good day). I've got a couple of new, not been hunted yet, VERY GOOD spots lined up for Friday, Sat and Sun mornings if you would care to join me. If you can't make a morning hunt (leave my place at 6:00am) we might be able to do an afternoon but I can't say for sure the birds will be there.

      Let me know.


    10. honk/quack
      Morning Steve,

      I am going Monday morning and afternoon. If you would care to join me although I'm not sure how productive the afternoon hunt will be. I would plan to leave my house at 6:00 am and again 6:00pm, which ever you choose.

    11. honk/quack
      Hey Stephen, hope you did well in this weekend's tournament. I was with my dad on his boat and my brother and his boy in another their boat west of North Island (near Caseville) and we collectively netted about 20 walleye (but through the short one back).
    12. honk/quack
      I enjoyed our chat last night and wanted to tell you to be sure and stop by my place when you're over this way. I'm just a couple of miles west of M-30 on the east end of the big lake (Lancer). South of Sugar River Rd about 1/2 mile and just north of the Butman Twp. Office on Hockaday Rd. The sixth house in on Manchester Way.

      1525 Manchester way
      Gladwin, MI 48624
      Cell: 248-568-9180
    13. honk/quack
      Hey Stephen, I don't get a chance to fish the bay much. I've been there a little for perch but never walleye so some time you're heading over that way give me a shout if you would like a tag-a-long. Mon, Tue, and Wed are OK (and the weekends of course) for me.


    14. stickem
      what fields ya got for the opener?
    15. lzff5r
      I'm curious to see a picture of the board and keel you made if you have some. sounds intriguing thanks: [email protected]
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