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    1. wavie
      I got the call back yesterday. Thanks very much and it sounds great. Appreciate the extra reed and o rings. Have a great season.
    2. wavie
      Mailed call today. Money and call enclosed in box.

    3. blackduckkilla
      Hey if this is sent to you in error I apologize. I own a quack attacker call and it badly needs reeds replaced. I have called and emailed to no avail. Do you have any advice on helping me get the call fixed? I love it 231-335-6431 paul
    4. fishing extreme
      fishing extreme
      did you receive my last message about what I'm looking for?

      Also, do you have any friends / clients on this site that hunt Harsen's alot - where maybe I could try one out? Or do you have any dealers close to LSC?

    5. fishing extreme
      fishing extreme
      Do you manufacture duck calls? I was referred to you by guys on this site in a post.
    6. honk/quack
      Hey Todd,

      Wanted you to know I got your new goose call, looks very nice. It's not what I'm used to but I'm learning. My old call is a little simpler but your has a wider range of noises. Was the extra reed in the box a replacement or does it offer a different sound?

      I'm looking forward to hearing someone with the same call work it so I can hear what I'm suppose to sound like. Also, if you have a DVD of what that call can do, can you send it to me? That would be a good start on me getting it right.

      Thanks again,

    7. billbuster1
      yeah smoke send me a picture of it cause im either gonna buy a boat or goose decoys im thinkin a boat so i can hunt by myself
    8. FISHHOUSE10
      They were check out the calls in the showcase at the lodge. Doug gave Michael and Connor the calls tonight , they **** their pants. Hope to see you Friday at the gateway for the youth shoot. Thanks for the call at the show. thanks mike
    9. shooterutting
      thanks smoke i talked to curt about ordering some too he said he could get me a good deal how have the Quacker attacker boys been doing
    10. Ieatantlers
      So am I blocked from leaving messages in your little profile here too?
    11. letemfall
      Hey i think your inbox is full so are you available at 5 today?
    12. duckjunky
      I wont be back home until wed night. I'll try to get my daughter to help me record a routine. I knew my timber call would'nt do but I have so much confidence with it and I am very comfortable blowing it so I figured I would ask. Thanks Ed
    13. duckjunky
      Todd, Do you think my Quacker Attacker timber mallard call would be a good call to blow in the novice division of the calling comp. at the and rv show. I've never called on stage before but that timber call is my go to call to get birds to finish
      and its a call that I have a ton of confidence in. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know that I am probably going to totally humiliate myself but I really want to try to see if I can do this. Thanks Eddy
    14. duckjunky
      Todd let me know if you need a hand with anything at sport and rv show working the booth (did that when I was working at Great Lakes gun & tackle and when I worked at Bachelder Master Gun Makers) or if you need a grunt to help load and unload. your timber mallard worked absoulty AWESOME when my son and I were in Nodak.
      Eddy Sabo a.k.a Duckjunky
    15. duckjunky
      Hey you going to be at the huntin time expo at the delta plex?????
      Eddy Sabo a.k.a duckjunky
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