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Aug 26, 2000
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Jul 31, 1959 (Age: 61)
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Between a Sandbar and a Weed Bed


61, from Between a Sandbar and a Weed Bed


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Jan 21, 2021 at 1:10 AM
    1. Putman Lake Campground
    2. Putman Lake Campground
    3. sfw1960
    4. Tooters
      Fellow drift boater looking for some running tips
    5. Shoeman
      Oh Boy

      Scary Stuff! Good thing there weren't any boulders out there. I was a nervous wreck coming out of there the time before. Good thing noone got hurt. Could have been both of us. I saw 1.7 when I shut it down (by key) and trimmed it up all at the same time.
    6. ramlund man
      ramlund man
      Ralf, Sunday sure gave a whole new meaning to term "Bellied up to a sandbar" dontcha think?
    7. Shoeman
      Hi Dave

      I don't think In can make it. Right now I'm in the phase of fine-tuning my pup. He's doing pretty good, but still needs field time before the season ends. Are you a member of MFFC as well? I got an invite to their every other Wednesday meeting. Sounds like a great bunch of guys.
    8. Beaglernr
      Hi Ralf, Glad to see you are still tying like crazy. Hey are you headed over to the little tying show our local FFF is putting on this weekend at Canton Center ? There is going to be something like between 30 to 50 tyers there, some are pretty interesting. If you are going to show up stop by and say howdy, I am going to be tying Barr flies for that show as one of the guest tyers.
      My life is pretty simple, work, eat, work, work on the house and get ready for the upcomming fishing season.
      Glad all is well with you it looks like.

      Tight lines

    9. boehr
      I excpected to get a strike for my post in Sound Off where the thread was removed. I believe you were out of line and when I reported the thread no moderator choose to do anything. The you made a second post after I reported it and you knew I reported it. After your second post I had no other recourse but to make a post in response. This action shows the bias that has happened in the ranks of the moderators and one of the reasons I choose not to want to be associated with being a moderator on this site any longer. Glad your happy but in essence, I still got the last word in the thread.:)
    10. aslongasitpullsback
      Hey Ralph thanks for the reels I started breaking them down as soon as I got home.... we should get together this fall/winter and do some fishing... I normally get laid off , but still plow snow from time to time...
    11. Shoeman
      That one came from LSC. Some years it's awesome, this year tough. They also come back in the fall.
    12. crimsonee
      hi how are you? i'm Earl and im trying to find the spot for at least one crappie that size lol. i've caught a lot on the huron river near bellville dam. i've tried to fish near the first little dam that you get to in the park but nothing but bass and pike(which i dont like at all) how far into the park is this and can it be fished from shore?
    13. Shoeman
      Not bad, Ray

      Got both boats ready. Another 4 weeks and my summer officially starts.

      Feeling better? Bet it's been a long winter for ya. I know about the beauty of it, but man the cold....
    14. Splitshot
      How is it going?
    15. Shoeman
      Not since we talked that day. Getting close though. I hear those eyes calling me
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    Jul 31, 1959 (Age: 61)
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    Between a Sandbar and a Weed Bed
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