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Apr 23, 2018 at 11:59 AM
Nov 28, 2000
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Aug 18, 1970 (Age: 47)
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St.Charles, MI
commercial artist


47, from St.Charles, MI

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Apr 23, 2018 at 11:59 AM
    1. saddie1990
      Your dad makes marsh seats with backrest? I made a post hopefully this message finds you not sure
    2. hda31
      hi, i'm looking for some rental places in NoDak for pheasant season for 5 or less hunters. Do you know of any listings of where I can find cheaper places to stay? Id rather not stay at hotels, or expensive lodges, looking for local places where we might be able to hunt on the property.
    3. Sea Nags
      Sea Nags
      Do you know if the managed places are going to be open for the teal season? If so will they just have an open draw?
    4. ducslayer
      Dan anything new with Jeff Koffman
    5. choc24/7
      i have 2 gallons of winch gas leftover....if i put stabil in it, is it good til next year??? prolly wont get to camp and cut firewood to use it......also, do you put stabil in yer gas during the season??? the fugers said they do....just never thought of it....
    6. ducslayer
      Hey Dan anything new with Jeff?
    7. huntingbronco
      Hey Kid - Happy New Year - You posted some guidance for me on at this link. Finally got the boat. Trying to decide what to do with it. Also looking for a winch. I have a 14' Meyer - old boat. It is a V in the front, but the bottom is flat. If I am trying to get me and my boys (2) out in the 30s, would this be a better rig to work with? I also have a 17 square back grumman, but its just too small for the 3 of us and the dog and gear. (Fact is, I have two of them, but we are really trying to move up to the boat + winch thing, without having to tell mom we want to buy a new boat. I have a 23' War Eagle as, as far as boats go, she is getting a little short on understanding. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. They Meyer is a fairly thick hull material - I only paid two hundred for it...if I burn it out, I'm not going to be too sorry.
    8. nastynate2728
      Hey Kid, I just posted a new thread but guess I could have just asked you. I was curious to know if many guys hit the SRSGA Draw on Thanksgiving day?!?! We like to hunt up there with the least amount of skybusters as possible and we might have that day free to ourselves this year. Looking like a good weekend of hunting coming our way! Thank you in advance Kid and any feedback would be appreciated
    9. Shiawassee_Kid
    10. quackersmacker13
      im on the other side of the state so that would be a bit of an i know people that could make a bracket for me but i was wondering about what type (brand,style) of winch to use?
    11. quackersmacker13
      i got a 16 hp go devil longtail on a 1470 alumacraft. i was wondering about a winch, sorry i forgot to clarify lol.
    12. quackersmacker13
      Hi i hunt shiawassee a few times a year and i was wondering what you would reccomend. im 16 and just bought a mud motor so price is somewhat of an issue.
    13. ducknuts
      Dan, I just stumbled across your web site, very nice! Also great idea, Duck-rite! Shouldn't Butch be semi retired, sounds like your trying to find him more work. If you guys ever have room on your S.D. trips, I would love to make the trip with you guys.
    14. HunterHawk
      dude i thought we were friends *** haha... and you and matt arent friends? whats his deal haha... thanks for the invite to SD haha... waiting.... waiting.... i live by a river and a bunch of resivors... these birds i driving me crazy! im bringing my layout blind out here but im guessing most of my shooting will be just walking rivers unless i get to know some people out here!
    15. flatsman
      Dan do you have any laptops for sale? Kristy's goin back to school and we need one.
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    Aug 18, 1970 (Age: 47)
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    St.Charles, MI
    commercial artist
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    avid hunter of mid michigan, mainly hang at the shiawassee flats and sag bay (sebawaing)

    hunting, fishing and snowmobiles


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