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    1. RS1983
      Thank you for the info. I did crystal lake around the beginning of February. Jason traiger came down from Charlevoix and we fished hard for three nights and didn't do very well. The previous year we slammed them off lobb Rd but this year we only had one decent night. The highlight of the trip was the two Lakers we caught using the smelt as bait. I've heard mixed reports about people doing well off the north end but I think we will give the country club a try as you suggested. I don't get out there very much because I don't have a shanty
    2. 2PawsRiver
      Hey Ryan, hope all is well.....have been hearing mixed reports, but it does not sound like anybody has been doing real well......we are planning on heading over there in the next couple weeks....seems like March is when we do a little better...have heard that Higgins is not doing well this should also keep an eye on Green Lake and Crystal Lake....if you got a couple guys you should do a road trip....I did Crystal Lake last year and had a good was good....hoping to make it up there again this year.
    3. RS1983
      Thank you very much for the reply. I'm still about a year out from getting one because I currently rent my house and I figured that I need a place to raise and keep pigeons if I truly want a great dog. In my part of the state, the woodcock hunting is so-so and grouse are almost non existent so my dog would be probably 2/3 waterfowl and 1/3 upland when I could sneak up north for a quick hunt. I was concerned from what I had read about the dog's tolerance to cold that I would only be able to hunt him for the first couple weeks of October and then he would be sitting at home. You'll have to let me know how your dog does during the next duck season.
    4. CDN_Cocker
      I hunted him quite a bit 2 - 3x per week, at which point he was 9-11 months old. He is my first gun dog and I am definitely still learning but he is more than I could ever ask for. The dog is a bird finding machine! He flushed and retrieved a ton of grouse and woodcock and trained for waterfowl as well. Being young, he had a hard time sitting still but I would imagine this year will be much better. I focused mainly on upland hunting this past fall since he was young and so full of energy - the running helped both of our sanity lol. This coming fall I will be doing a lot more waterfowl with a friend who trials labs. If you're intrigued by this breed I say go for it! I am FAR from being a good trainer and he has been unreal. They are absolute hunting machines!
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