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Oct 13, 2008
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Robert Holmes

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May 25, 2018 at 11:45 AM
    1. Blaze
      Bob, I sent Al from GLF an email to tell him that I thought you would contact him about his offer to send some gear for lure tuning. He said he never heard from you. He said he would send the gear to me and I could share with you. I said that I would, so when I get it I will let you know.
      Robert, Hello!... I have been thinking aboout your invitation to catch Sttelhead through the Ice. Perhaps later this season I could make the trip North and get on em with ya!... let me know if that is still an option... Jim
    3. M. Tonello
      M. Tonello
      Not sure that's necessarily true. Although I'm out of Cadillac, so I'm more familiar with the northern Lower Peninsual, and not as familiar with the Southern LP. You should probably contact Jessica Mistak ( as she is the supervisor up there. I don't know about "fair share"- remember that we have to stock fish where they will survive, and where they will create a fishery. We have to look at return on the investment as well- stocked fisheries must generate angler hours. Again I can't speak for our Yooper Biologists as to why they do or don't stock fish in certain places, but those are the factors they must consider.
    4. Grizzyaries
      Do you know a Chris Holmes, a Michigan conservation officer. He might be in his late 30's or so. He moved down to Kalamazoo county about 4 years back from the upper peninsula of Michigan but he didn't say exactly what area. Just wondering if you may know him, same last name and all.
    5. boutdun
      Don't know how this is going to work out but your kindness an generosity are exceptional,thank you again for all your help,people like you make this site A1,if I would call I'm guessing it would be next thursday,thanks again
    6. EGBrewer
      I'm new to the area and I am an avid outdoorsman. I am interested in doing some steelhead fishing but not sure even where to start. What size rod and reel is ideal, size line and hooks/jig size. Then where to even go. I've seen on the michigan dnr that they are catching bit steelhead on the huron river but where on the huron river? You have any suggestions? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    7. Robert Holmes
      Robert Holmes
      Your closest good trout spot is probably grindstone city
    8. Robert Holmes
      Robert Holmes
      I know the gills are a little small yet but they are getting some nice eyes pike and crappie. If it is not too cold I will be out for trout, it is nice when two fisf fill the bucket.
    9. FredBearYooper
      I'm going to be up there the first week of February but I can only fish one of those days and I'm taking my Bro to Little Brevort for some Bluegills...I don't know when I will get up north in the summer but if I do I will get ahold of you.
    10. FredBearYooper
      I used to live in St.Ignace....Worked at the casino with you...just moved down here to caseville.
    11. FredBearYooper
      Hey Bob!!! It's Dave, From the casino...went fishing with you on your boat that one time with Clinton...Welcome to the site...lots of nice guys and stuff to learn on here!!!
    12. Robert Holmes
      Robert Holmes
      Great weekend for steelies in the straits area. I had limit catches both Saturday and Sunday. I turned a few loose and kept a couple for the pan. I lost a few too. I will be heading back out as soon as it cools off a little more probably mid week. There is nothing like fresh caught steelhead on the grill with a pheasant or partridge on the side.
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