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May 11, 2018
Feb 5, 2006
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Tawas City
Captain of Priority1 It's nice to B retired LOL


Male, from Tawas City

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May 11, 2018
    1. Paperboy 1
      Paperboy 1
      I'm ready to go, if I'm still allowed n board the P1
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      2. Priority1
        I called and left a message on your voice mail. You need to return the call. I hope all is well in your camp.
        Mar 13, 2018
    2. Paperboy 1
      Paperboy 1
      Hope you and the wife are well...
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    3. Paperboy 1
      Paperboy 1
      Hey you OLD Grumpy Man! Give me a call sometime.. I don't know you're schedule.. 989-724-8228
      I'm hoping to get out with someone this season a couple of times..
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    4. bbq jim
      bbq jim
      frank we don't no each other yet but I was talking with a guy today forgot his name he said you could make me a lap top gps all set up hit me up on and let me no what you can do for me.thanks bud.
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    5. Priority1
      Senior Status.
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    6. spudman
      Just messing around on the site, and see that you are half way between au gres and tawas. my cottage is in the Pinewood subdivision. i retired last year (2014) and would like to learn how to fish for walleye. if you have patience and an empty seat, i am willing to pay my share to go out fishing when i am up there. thanks...bob wilson aka Spudman.
    7. slowpoke
      Hi Frank. When does the walleyes start up in AuGres? Thanks. Jim.
    8. ddiment2
      Hi Frank, Just bought a place in AuGres last fall and will be fishing the outer bay this year. I remember when Randy and I fished with you that you were using smaller blades than we used on the innedr bay but cant remember how small they were........ what size blades do you use on your harnesses,trying to get stocked up for the summer. Thanks, Dewayne
    9. DeafBuck
      Hi Frank . I just back home from my wife s family camping for a week ... yes i did read ur email ... and understand ok only way we contact thur e mail ok
    10. DeafBuck
      Hi Frank .... I have been vavcation a month so now i am here in flint and I misplace ur text so please i can i have ur text nbr mine 810 813 7712 thank .. i am think about going fishing tmw before rain come this tuesday all week
    11. madavarn
      Nice to meet you this morning frank my wife and I got 6 on our first pass then the wind picked up and got to nasty, if its ok I would like to pm you to see if fish are still in over the summer before i come up there thanks. Mark
    12. Priority1
      I just finished sending you a PM. You PMed me.:)
    13. bowhuntinfool
      Hi I was out at 1 &2 buoy this morning and heard you on the radio. I was wondering if you could tell me where to fish out of Augres? I will be taking my brother in laws Father out for his first time next Saturday if the weather cooperates. I am not looking for your secret spots or anything like that I have never fished Augres and have no idea where to go. It sounded like you were outfishing everyone this morning. thanks for any information it will be greatly appreciated. I live in Kawkawlin so I will launch out of the DNR launch in Augres.
    14. Priority1
      Greg, Thanks
    15. Burksee
      Hi Frank, the picture came from the White Lake Township website historical pictures from the their website:
      I work at Chrysler and the cruiser was one of our MSP prototypes I worked on and help with service support on.
      Take care - Greg
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    Captain of Priority1 It's nice to B retired LOL
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