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from the burbs of wasteland

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    1. Steelytroy1276
      Have you made it out yet ? I've got some reliable info that they are getting fish in MC and St Joe. I'm heading down there tonight .
      1. murdermittenkid
        I haven't been, was hoping to maybe get out sat night Sunday morning. Good luck man I wouldn't mind a PM on how ya do.
        May 30, 2019
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    2. wet willie
      wet willie
      Hi , did you find a cheap trip. lf not and you want to come over to Canada , give me a shout. l've been running trips for 25yrs. for muskie. l usually go out of Belle River.
      l got out of the big boat thing a few years back and went to a 21ft. aluminum for trailering etc. We could run you out for a trip for $200.00 lf your interested if me a call ......Bill 519-948-3460 after 5
    3. scooter_trasher
    4. scooter_trasher
      I have a Hummingbird Matrix 10 portable,(GPS ready) that has been used twice for ice fishing, no instalation required, runs on two lantern batteries, rechargeable sealed batteries run around 10 dollars each mail order.
      If you still have the auger and are intrested pm me
      Scooter Trasher
    5. fishinfreak
      Fish the soueast corner...Its great. I have yet to get less than 20 when going out. If you have a flasher, try to finding a large weedbed and fish 1-5 feet off bottom. Big gills and bass are sitting at 2 ft or so.
    6. having fun
      having fun
      call me 1-586-764-6458 its a humming bird portable one hundred run on 2 6 volt and has a carring case i have 2 rods and reels new and several others thanks live in chesterfield mi by 94 and 23 mile exit
    7. papermouth
      have you been out latey,I have been out of town and wondering how the action is?
    8. fishinfreak
      Hey I am going out this weekend...(all weekend) to Lake Success. You gonna be around?
    9. papermouth
      How did you do? I'm back on days and would like to hit the ice this weekend but not sure where to go,maybe four mile.
    10. fishinfreak
      fishinfreak going to be out on lake success this weekend? I will be out there all day Saturday and can point you in the right areas if you want. If not, I can send you a message with some hot spots.
    11. papermouth
      Have you been out on the ice? I'am working nights so it is hard for me to get out right now!!!
    12. THE DRAGON
      your best bet for pike is a tip-up, large walleye SHINNER'S seem to work better than suckers. but i have landed 4 or 5 on my perch rod with a small minnow out there, you just have to play them out before trying to land them. if you have a gaff take it with you. GOOD LUCK !! and let me know how it turns out
    13. THE DRAGON
      try little muskamutee bay,water depth is about 2 to 3 fow but there are some real hogs out there i got a 14-1/2 incher last year.use minnows on a small gold hook with a tiny bobber or i did pretty good on a silver and red kens hook about 2 weeks back.stay on the move and you can take home some slabs.if you have a spear take it with you its easy pickens in that depth also there are a lot of huge pike in the area. please do not put this on the general forum not to many people know about this !!
    14. fishinfreak
      Yes it certainly you go out there much?
      Wondering if you do any pan fishing out at 4 mile? Been ice fishing it for the last couple of winters and im catching a lot of pike this year im having a hard time getting on some big gills. Alot of little ones!
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