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    1. Vertical jig
      Vertical jig
      I know about the holes... During the summer I think many of them have a thermolcile because they seem void of fish on the bottom. I could be wrong though.. I hit them ...dont catch anything then move to the flats where I have more confidence. If you would like to go to Port Huron sometime let me know and will take you out. It is incredible verticle jigging from June to the middle of August.
      1. MIfishslayer91
        Right on man I dont know a ton about the walleye out there on lakeville but got a buddy who ice fishes it a lot and he said that's usually where he gets em. I've targeted bass and pike the few times I've fished out there. Very interesting and fun lake to fish with all the drops holes and humps out there. Thanks for the invite to port Huron that sounds like a blast!
        Oct 15, 2015
    2. Vertical jig
      Vertical jig
      I agree about where they are planting walleye. Doesnt make sense in Orion. The Lakeville thing puzzles me. I fish the north end a lot for bass and gills. I have never seen or caught a single one. I have thought of going out some night with the spot light just to see if they come up on the shallow flats.
    3. DJHTroutHunter
      Hey Zack

      Ahhh definitely a different time... I have to think back a ways to remember getting the news of my first baby. Best of luck to you and yours with all that comes with that. There is a lot of growing that happens both with baby and with Dad. I also learn a lot from my kids these days.

      If you are ever looking for a wading partner this spring, hit me up and maybe we can share a stream one day.

      Happy Trails and Tight Lines

      Dave Hickey
    4. DJHTroutHunter
      I am 48... one kid in second year in college... one kid a junior in high school... gotta go back to finding my own interests with the kids growing up and out... enter fly fishing... always have had a great time fishing just breaking into a new world of fly fishing... interesting to learn about the hatches and during what times of year what is hatching etc and what flies work best to match the hatch.

      Dave Hickey... I am in Lake Waldon Village at Waldon and Sashabaw.
    5. DJHTroutHunter
      I am pretty new to fly fishing. Been a bass fisherman all my life but got hooked on fly fishing last year with my brother in law. Now I am doing what I can to find out about fly fishing opportunities in our area for those times when I can't go to the west side or up north. Got myself all outfitted with waders, boots, rod-reel, flies, etc... ready to go!
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