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Nov 18, 2006
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Nov 25, 2020 at 2:22 AM
    1. kevin2
    2. cakebaker
      Ate at your restaurant it was really good food.
    3. brewster
      I started growing hops 10 years ago with the thought of having several acres. Was really interested in the past posts on your hop farm. Have not seen you post recently.
      Is this something that developed for you? If it did I would like to invite myself for a tour. Was wondering on the direction you took for harvesting and drying as well as the market direction.

      Thanks Tom
    4. Walker Rd
      Walker Rd
    5. SideKick
      Koz,we had a great Alaskan hunt! I took a good caribou. What a beautiful animal they are. The hunt was a mountain caribou type hunt. Mostly single bulls above the tree line. We did spot and stalk and traveled 2-4 miles to get to the animals. We also had a little luck in catching arctic grayling. Overall the trip met all my expectations and rates way up on the list for me. The weather was true to Alaska, cold, foggy and lots of rain... I'll post of send you a few pics when I have a chance.
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    6. 00Buckshot69
      "T" started one...It may be on the 2nd page?? I have been hammered. My boss quit and I got a promotion. It has been a crazy few weeks!!
      I need some time in the wood's!!
    7. casscityalum
    8. koz bow
      koz bow
      I know, I know, I have taken a little break from MS to focus on other stuff for a while! I know for sure that I am NOT going to be able to turkey hunt this spring out west! I have hired Tony LaPratt to come to my property in early April, have a full week of walleye fishing planned in Detroit, and have more good turkey ground here in Berrien County for this spring than I could possibly hunt.

      I do know some EXCELLENT places to go! But, I am not going to be able to make it this year. 2011! Probably, most likely!
    9. HunterHawk
      i know where you live... ive seen where you sleep....
    10. HunterHawk
      a pm you sent me in early 09
      I am lookin forward to turkey season here, but if I can find the time, (highly unlikely in 2009) I will let you know and we can hook up on a turkey hunt. I know some excellent places to go.

      Otherwise, we should plan on getting together in the spring of 2010 if you move out there and go whack some.


      so we going in NE or CO? :)

      haha found it cleaning out my pm... i can have 300 messages and i maxed it out haha.. most of them were from 08... havent cleaned it in 2 years... pretty bad eh?

      so when you coming out?

      ill get us turkeys if you can find them! if not im going to NE and ill find em and can still get you on em if we can find em... wont even make you sit in a blind for more than 2 hours
    11. HunterHawk
      not everyone can slay 100 bucks in one day! glad to see your season turned around for you... i was starting to get worried that you used up all your LUCK on that mulie!!!

      i cant wait till next year!!! i may not get anything but i will have a blast learning how to hunt out here!!!

      i may try to make it down to texas here in the next couple months for a hog hunt too :)
    12. HunterHawk
      hahah shut it... it would have been my 1st big game animal with a gun... that just shows i shouldnt gun hunt.... i dont know what i was thinking.... i bet i tried to misse it :)
    13. HunterHawk
      haha the message i wrote was too long so i had to make two posts.... read the 2nd one first to make sense of it haha

      anyway we found a canyon so i was like lets call some coyotes here... went over the edge and there is a REAL NICE mulie buck walking the trail at the bottom of the canyon... took some pics and started calling for coyotes... caller died because i hadnt changed the batteries in forever.. so we packed up after about 5 mins and got in the truck... look to the right and here stands not 1 but 2 nice mulie bucks... i took pictures and will post them up sometime soon... but man o man i need to get out and hunt im going crazy!!!

      looks like my dad and brother are both coming out for an archery hunt next year!!!

      you coming out or what?
    14. HunterHawk
      Man o man.... went antelope hunting yesturday... got on a group of like 20 lopes... got withing 200 yards of them and gave my buddy the 1st shot... at less than 200 yards standing he blew the shot :( and they started to move and i took a off hand shot on them (still should have had one) and i missed clean also! i have an excuse though... it was the 1st time i shot that gun... i know i know... not the best thing to do haha.. but it had just got sent out here... and my uncle said it was on... i ended up shooting it at 100 yards at a beer can... and shot REAL low :( not sure what my buddys excuse was because he sighted his gun in the week before we went and was shooting great! (or so he said) haha
    15. HunterHawk
      Im coming home october 24th scrub!

      my clover i planted in a farmers field two years ago didnt come up this year :( hahaha

      not really happy about that but i guess its understandable..... but it had corn in the field the year i shot the 10 point and the doe so hopefully it produces for me this year also!
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