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Jan 24, 2005
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Dec 25, 2018
    1. Milbo

      I made it out at last with my LX7. We ended up driving 2 hours North to Cadillac. I experienced some bottom fluctuation with my unit. It has the latest updates from the factory. Do you have any tips on settings that might resolve this? I thought maybe turning up the sensitivity but I don't want too big of a signal on my jig. We were in 8-15 FOW. Thanks
    2. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Margarethe ice, buddy checked 2 days ago from the campground across it looked froze but the main part looked open, he only went out a little ways he was alone, said it looked like some had gone out farther.
    3. Michael Wagner
    4. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Morning, I hit Big Bradford over the wk. end did`nt do real bad 18, 8"-10" perch in about 3 hrs. still very deep 55'-60' got the most. Wanted to get down to Higgins for some smelt but did`nt make it. Mike
    5. jshankel81
      hey john thinking of heading to the mouth in the morning. where da ya park and anybody been catching anything there.
    6. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Morning, I just got back from an unplanned trip down south and have`nt heard much yet. I`m going someplace soon, just dont know where yet. Mike
    7. FredBearYooper
      Wish I could tell ya...but we are not giving up our spots....
    8. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Howdy, we just got back from Grayling got just under 400 miles on the sleds. I did`nt get a chance to fish but checked out a few lks. Margarethe had 3 guys on it at 10 this morning about half way across the bay from the campground, I walked in their tracks out about 50 yrds. and the ice was cracking under my feet with alot of slush on top, they are braver than me. Big Bradford had open water in the middle, Horseshoe held me up and look O.K. I was gonna shoot back up Mon. or Tue. but I think I`ll give it another wk. Let me know if you get out. Mike
    9. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Howdy, I fish Margarethe quite a bit and have friends that do too, when your going up drop me a line I can give you an idea of whats going on there. The wife and I are headed up to Grayling Wed. snowmobiling and I hope to hit it while we are there, I`ll post when I get back. Mike
    10. DROPTINE 14
      DROPTINE 14
      i am his buddy justin, he is coming up next weekend not this friday but the next friday. i have been slammin the walleys, and a few scattered perch and crappie... if you myspace my email is [email protected] i have a few fish pics from this year but not many
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