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Aug 26, 2003
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Mar 21, 1956 (Age: 61)
Develop nat'l relationships for my company.


61, from Ypsilanti

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Nov 19, 2017 at 9:58 PM
    1. jme
      Kyle - not sure when I'll get out but let's definitely try to hook up. Later this month we have our work convention and it's pedal to the metal preparing for this event. Maybe in February, when there's still snow on the ground, we can get out there. Keep in touch.

    2. bogie
      Hey JME

      I'm from around the ypsi area. Went to ardis (hewitt and MICH ave? roughly)elementary once upon a time before moving out to ann arbor for high school, inevitably to return as a "Screamin Eagle" haha. If you have an interest in doing some scouting of the waterloo rec area in jackson county and would like some comapny; I'd certainly be interested. I have family that has property around the area, but my cousin and I are the only ones to bow hunt so the blinds and lanes are set up for gun hunting. in addition to the high pressure it recieves already, we don't want to put a bunch on before gun season. so we were thinking about venturing out and trying our luck on the state land next year (it's basically across the street). seems liek the woods were dead for all of bow season, with the traffic picking up for gun and ML. I just started hunting this year, so don't have alot on experience scouting, and would love the opportunity to tag along. thanks and happy new year.

    3. BigCTD
      YPSI huh? i know right where you live (read below).... I use to live on Cross between prospect and river. Small world. Good luck this season!
    4. HomeTownJB
      John - Yup, I am now a married man. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and that was great! I went out yesterday but didnt see anything but some turkeys. I heard a doe maybe 75 yards behind me. This morning seemed like a perfect morning to hunt, a good frost on the ground, calm weather, nice and cold, but I am stuck at work. The spot I hunt is usually very active but it has been slow so far this year. I saw the majority of deer on opening morning and not much since then. I got the in on some property in Albion where I have scouted in the past but never got permission to hunt but I finally got permission to hunt it on weekends for the rest of this year. So I am going to head out there this weekend and hunt. Today is my first day back to work since I got married....and I already cant wait for the weekend to get back in the woods.
    5. jme
      Jack - I've been out of town so haven't checked the site in several days. By the time you read this you'll be a married man! Congratulations, this is great. Love your wife, care for her and lay down your life for her - it's the most important human relationship you'll ever have. Ok, enough marital advice, let's get to hunting. I went out Tuesday morning before work for just a couple hours. It was a beautiful morning but I didn't see any deer. Thought I might have heard a soft bleat but never saw anything and not even sure it was a deer. I really like the spot I'm in except there are no Oaks immediately around me. Tomorrow morning I'll be back in the stand and plan to hunt until noon.

      Congrats again on your marriage and keep in touch.
      -John E.
    6. HomeTownJB
      I went out opening morning and saw a good amount of deer but since then it has been SLOW. I am going out of town next Monday so I wont be able to hunt for a little over a I am hitting it hard today tomorrow and Friday. I am getting married on Saturday. So that kind of threw a wrench into the hunting time.
    7. jme
      Went out opening morning and around 7:45 am a small forkhorn came by, walked 8 yards behind me. Twenty minutes later another came by, it had a scrawny rack with 4 points. Plenty of sign in this little spot and I can't wait to get back out. Last night and today I've been in work meetings (shame on me for not paying attention during the presentation!). Next week I'll be out of town for a few days so I don't think I'll get back out until next weekend. Man, I REALLY wanted to be out there this morning - the weather was PERFECT. On opening day a truck with 2 guys pulled in as I was leaving my car. On the way out I saw another guy. Don't know what went on during the day or what the activity was like this weekend.

      Let me know if you want to hook up sometime and I can show you some of the areas I've hunted. I'm just beginning to get to know the chunk of state land in Jackson County that I'm huntnig this year. I know a lot more about the swamp I used to hunt just west of Chelsea.

      Good luck!
    8. HomeTownJB
      Oh ok. I haven't hunted public land much but I always thought it could be fruitful if you could find the right spots and if it wasnt too crowded. Have you been out this year yet?
    9. jme
      Jack - in my experience it can be pretty good. It can also be prety bad. I used to hunt in a swamp just west of Chelsea to get away from the crowds but the poison sumac got too bad. It's pretty thick but I got quite a few deer back there, especially opening day of gun season when the guys on high ground push the deer into the swamp. I moved across the highway but there were just too many guys out there. Last year and this year I've been in Jackson County. There's more state land so you get more options. I've found you need to avoid the parking areas since that's where all the other guys congregate.
    10. HomeTownJB
      I am in Ypsi too. Ypsi township south of I-94. I have some land in Willis I hunt. How is the hunting in the Waterloo Area? I always wanted to head out there to scout.
    11. jme
      I'm over by EMU's campus, just north of Washtenaw between Mansfield and Cornell - right near Candy Cane Park. CMR is another guy on this site and he lives very close to you. Seems like there are quite a few guy on this site from good ol' Ypsi. CMR and I hunt the same general area of Waterloo. He and I have gotten together a couple times to scout and he's shown me some pretty nice spots. This Monday I'll be out there putting up a couple stands. Where do you hunt?

      Good luck this season - it's almost here and I can't wait!!
    12. hedaman
      Hey John
      how ya doing , where abouts in Ypsi are you ?
      I'm by the NE side of ford lake , we might be nighbors and not even know it.
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    Mar 21, 1956 (Age: 61)
    Develop nat'l relationships for my company.
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    I'm 59, live in Ypsilanti and am self-employed. My 3 daughters are all in high school, Fr. Gabriel Richard in Ann Arbor. Love my wife and love the Lord.

    Deer hunting is my favorite hobby, especially with bow. Fishing is next.


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