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Jul 27, 2006
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Mar 19, 2018 at 11:23 AM
    1. J Eberhart
      J Eberhart

      Yes it is definitely best to have an exterior Scent Lok suit and headcover. Bobs Gun & Tackle in Hastings has a 3 piece suit for $150. Call them if inteested at 269-945-4106 and ask for Deb in clothing. D&R Sports in K-Zoo also carries that same suit at 269-372-2277 and ask for Ken.

      When you use base slayers undergarments, you are leaving to much to chance on outewear care. With an exterior SL suit, what is underneath doesn't matter.
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    2. huntgirl72
      I ended up buying one from you and I also purchased your pressured whitetail book. Great reading and very informative. I've hunted in the saddle now about 8 times and while it took some getting use to, I love it! Being a female, it isn't very easy lugging those heavy stands and stix around and then getting the strength once I find my tree to hang everything. It's so nice to wear the saddle in to the tree and set up. It's quiet and comfortable. I also love the saftey harness. It saved me the other day when one of my climbing stix readjusted on the tree while I was standing and I fell but the safety line caught me. Though I was freaking out for about a minute I was able to pull myself back up and finish hanging. I'd recommend this product to anyone. When I get my first big buck, I'll be sure to send you a picture.

      One question though on the scent lok clothing. Is it best to go with an outer layer rather then a base layer when it comes to $$?
    3. J Eberhart
      J Eberhart

      You can get them in many stores or on my website at:
    4. huntgirl72
      Dear John,
      I recently read one of your articles about the Ambush stand. I was intersted in that stand but didn't know where to get it. Can you help me with this?

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