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    1. COHORST1
      Mick would you please send me a pic of your pup, I am glad he is working out his father has been working his -ss off 26 ducks so far this season. Thanks Larry
    2. FredBearYooper
      Sounds like you might have plantar fasciitis,It is very prominent in people that spend alot of time on there feet and soldiers, I myself devoleped it during ranger school but didn't want to get failed out becuase of it so I just pushed through it, bad idea, now the nerves in my feet are messed up, but try rolling your feet over aluminum cans to stretch the tendons out, that is if you even still have the pain
    3. COHORST1
      Hackman if you are looking for a pup,I have 5 males and 4 females you can call me at 248-698-1575. Thanks Larry.
    4. anonymous7242016
      Here is something that may help you understand how scent-lok works. It will also help you understand why challenging J. Eberhart about scent - lok verse your dogs would not be a good test of the clothing. You don't have to buy the product I just thought this will help explain to you how it functions since I know you are a hater of the product
    5. ridgewalker
      Glad you are still in MS. If ever I can help in any way, I am always around here and would be happy to do so.
    6. ridgewalker
      I know the truck trails; seems like it would be a pretty good spot. A lot of hunters leave bait there during deer season so the hogs should be around. Good luck and enjoy the pig roast and sausages!
    7. ridgewalker
      your strategy seems sound, however I would have a backup hunter with a firearm as hogs do not go down easy and unless your arrow placement is perfect???
    8. ridgewalker
      will do, although I am more familiar with Arenac Co, my cousin made a kill on one on state land east of Gladwin; there have been reports of 2 sightings in Arenac but I have no idea how recent they are
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