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Sellin' tractors! Feb 8, 2018

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    1. goodworkstractors
      Sellin' tractors!
    2. shoelessjoe
      I had written quite a bit more the last message, but was cut off at 420 characters so I had to make it short. It was just more apologizing, and telling you that I am one of thee most calm, unexcitable, personalities you would ever meet, but I lacked the social media type ability, which has now been corrected. I hope this message finds you and yours well, and again, I apologize won't happen ever again!!!
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    3. shoelessjoe
      Hey CScott, Let me start off with my apology with what you perceived as my "hot headed responses". I hope you accept it. As my better half pointed out to me when I asked her, yes, to some I guess I do come across as "hot headed" when I post sometimes. I tend to capitalize way too much, and incorrectly. I hadn't realized it until she pointed out that is how you and many others would take it.
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    4. goodworkstractors
      Love this time of year!
    5. force feeder
      force feeder
      Dude thanks again for trading downriggers...they work great. Whitehall has been on fire...You get a chance to go call me 231-740-9030 I'd be willing to take you out.
    6. jimbo
      hey, love looking at your posts about ice conditions. been work50-56 hr a week & have not made time to check the ice myself.
      are those pics of huzzy, brownwood, 3 mile & fish?
    7. dpweurding
      Clear up those PM's man, haha.
    8. 5333
      The whitetail hunt was near Hulett, WY. I have been out there the last two years with my buddy from church and his friends. It is a awesome place to hunt. No outfitters, we just pay a trepass fee and we are on our own. We did not see as many deer as last year but we still had a great trip. The rancher said the deer numbers are down because of two hard winters, mountain lions and blue tounge.

      The muley hunt was neer Douglas. The owner wasn't really a outfitter, he only took one group of hunters a year. He really didn't do much. He told us he did not know if there were much for deer on the property. Opening day it blew about 60 miles an hour and we didn't not see much. The second day it was cold and still. We shot all
      four mulies by 2 in the afternoon. A lot of fast paced action!
    9. Mr pike
      Mr pike
      Thanks for puting me on your Turkey team, i will try my best to get a real limb hanger. I have the late season and i can only hunt weekends but ive got private land so hopefully no one is violating on there and bumpin all my birds l.o.l. Good luck to you.
    10. dpweurding
      Hey bud whats up. I pretty much had to chose the May season because of work, which by now does not seem like a bad choice, lol. I have been out to roost some birds and call for my mom. We got right on some birds the second day of season, but they never gobbled once, not even on the roost. Never seen that in the spring before. It was really nasty weather. I have some on camera hitting the foodplot, but its intermittent. My mom did say yesterday during the afternoon they were gobbling for hours, but of course I was unable to make it out and call. What about you? You hunting now or in May?
    11. dpweurding
      Two does, nice work! Bummer on that 8 point, I have yet to even have the opportunity to draw on one this year. Went out yesterday, no deer. You gonna get out any during gun season?
    12. dpweurding
      Thanks on the congrats! I know where you were at, most of those grapes are owned by the same family. They were moving big time this morning, I had does around me most of the morning. Hopefully I can get out before Friday, we will see...
    13. dpweurding
      I also avoid state land like the plague during regular season. Anytime you want someone to tag along, let me know. I did go out tonight, saw a pair of button bucks, I swear thats all I can get in range this year. Once the wind settles, it should be phenomenal. New scrapes and finally some rubs tonight. More activity on camera too, hopefully this is the start of a little cooler weather. Also, do you duck hunt? That is the main reason I havent bowhunted much for the last 10 years or so, but I still get out. Got a real nice spot not far at all from you...
    14. dpweurding
      Well you will have to let me know whereabouts you hunted. Yeah, I am chomping at the bit to get out too. Stuck at work for a few more days also, then maybe a day or two to hunt, crossing my fingers for the wind to die and the cold weather to stick around. I will make it tommorow night, hopefully it all comes together. Let me know if you wanna hit up some state land some time, Ill give it a try. I know of some where we would definitely have a good chance, I will PM with the info if you want.
    15. dpweurding
      Are you off of Oak Drive? I am in that subdivision right there. Whereabouts in Lawton are you hunting or with who rather? Small town I probably know them. I grew up in Lawton and graduated from there in 2002. Went to LSSU and GVSU. What year did you graduate from Mattawan? I hunt my families place, and have been hunting that mainly since I could hunt. Its a little piece of land, but the surrounding neighbors allow me on their property.
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