Mar 3, 2010
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    1. Lomanz
      Gator remember me? We talked a few times at Erie ice fishing, back in 14 or 15. I see you fish the bay
      1. gatorman841
        Sure do Ken , heading up this wknd.. sent you a pm
        Feb 7, 2019
    2. billgiffin
      We have discussed lower river before...we have done some good bb and jigging horse island last 2 weeks...never pulled lures in that area....maybe in front of fyc? Have you trolled in this area with any luck....we need new strategy for fall....trolling in this area good choice?
    3. Hockeyguyno9
      My uncle limited out on gills today at the honey hole, 6' of water. Non-stop action is what he said. I'll talk to him and find out where exactly he was at.
    4. Hockeyguyno9
      Bill, great job in the pike, crappie, gills and perch. We almost went out there in Monday, ended up going to Brest bay, caught 1 Walter. We decided to try deeper water to see if it was better, fished 19-20 FOW. Only marked 3-4 all night. As of now in sticking to the 15-16 FOW, at least there is more activity there and cleaner water. They are calling fir high winds Friday and Saturday, might give her another go Sunday or Monday. I'll let you know how we do. Good luck
    5. Hockeyguyno9
      Had some time to give you a better report. Between 3 guys, we marked 5-6chasers and only managed 1 hook-up. We were fishing in 15-16 foot of water. We were about 3/4 mile south of stony point. A lot of the groups of guys are fishing more to the south in deeper water. With the winds the water has been dirtier in the 17-19' range. Water visibility was good where we were at. Took the only fish on a purple/blue/silver buck shot spoon. I had 3 chasers, they came into jigging raps, black/silver seemed to be attracting them best. Not sure if you still have the gps coordinates I gave you from last time, we were in the same area, about 100 yards closer to shore
    6. Hockeyguyno9
      Saw that you might be headed out on Brest bay tomorrow, good luck out there. 3 of us will be out Friday afternoon, I'll let you know how we did
    7. lawnboy
      How did they let you on here
    8. billgiffin
      Fished your buddy's spot, first trench, picked up 5 , 2 over 25". Threw 2 backand lost a few, started at 7:30 bite done at 9' at home at 1
    9. jumbojake
      gator how u been dindnt hit ice once was fighting cancer sucked but i get some time off for a couple weeks u been hittn lake or river.thats a toaad in your avatar nice job holy shat get the ****n net.
    10. jumbojake
      gatorman just getn back was awsome trip 3 of us limmited yest bite rite at dark 3/8th oz glo red buckshots minnow heads.went out of linwood 24ft 7miles had to work 4 em,got 3.herd there getn fish in river but small our biggest fish was 7 pounds,all fish were beauties from 3 to 7 pounds.hope this snow commin dont trash it.gona head back up that way sun .ps it was good but nothin like the trip my dad took me on when i was 12 lake erie bass islands guide pat chrysler he slill runnin charters over that way.
    11. jumbojake
      gatorman thanks for the pm sounds like your on em i will let ya know if i can head out that way thanks for invite im headed for saginaw bay walleys let ya know how we do good job figuring out them fish nice catch
    12. jumbojake
      hay i saw same amount of shads there as here .it aint the shads just my guess.i dont know wish i did i miss hammern over here on da ice.sag bay even cooky this year.i fish alot in can for a reason.wana go its good fishn let me know
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