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    1. foxriver6
      The private registration centers may in fact be submitting incorrect data. I will also say that I heard (third hand) that in one case a CO could not go forward with prosecuting a case because two biologists could not agree whether a tooth came from a cub or yearling. Don't take this to mean that the biologists are incompetent rather determining whether the bear is a cub or yearling by size and tooth is not an absolute certainty. Now put that in front of judge, prosecutor and a 12 person jury and see what the end result is...I will say with complete confidence that I couldn't imagine any CO not going forward with a cub bear case if it was prosecutable.
      As far a bear management. You have a lot of competing interests with those who think there are too many bear, too few bears, too many permits, too few, hunt with dogs, hunt over bait, the regulation of guide services, and so forth.
      As I mentioned previously, there are five law division districts that have a bear season. Getting an accurate number of bear cub prosecutions is not a statistic that exists at a central location. In order to get an accurate number that includes warrant arrests and citation arrests, individual officers most likely would have to be polled within those districts.
    2. Bearboy
      I am assuming you are a CO or with the MDNR. I have another PM from a CO who said that the private registration centers are submitting false information. This is very disturbing. I have asked the MDNR web this question/ no violations in 2008. I also asked Captain Courchaine and Lt. Robson(at the meeting in Baraga), I got doubletalked. This is going to get exposed by me and others that want something done. This lack of bear management fight has "bearly" had the surface scratched. Something has to be done! Charlie Markham
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