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    1. Fishfighter
      Ive never heard of it
    2. Anish
      Man, I am so sick of the slush!! Do you know anything about Elbow lake? Looking through the acrhives for hints of where to try and Elbow keeps coming up but with no details.
    3. Anish
      I don't know if it is private or if it just doesnt have an "official" DNR public access. I'll find out. I'm going to have to try wildwood. I need to find some new stomping grounds. I was out on Peach yesterday and caught a billion dink perch and two keepers also a couple keeper gills. Today I spent 6 hours out there and caught 4 dink perch and didnt even see anything decent. How was the slush out there? It was insane on Peach. I think its time to try something new.
    4. Anish
      I was looking at a county map today, dreaming of warmer weather, lol. Do you know anything about Flowage lake? Kinda looks interesting, lots of contours.
    5. Anish
      Well hey!! How are you? Thought you might have dropped off the face of the earth or something.
      Well, things started off pretty slow so I decided to get some Ficious Jigs and holy smokes! Changed my luck completely. Tried Lk George a couple of times and out of two trips I caught a bass. Peach on the other hand...Lots of scrappy perch (as usual) but, about an hour before dark I have been catching perch that are in the 10-12" range. Have gotten into some decent gills around the same time. I owe it all to Ficious Jigs.
      How have you been doing?
    6. Anish
      Ok, so I'm going to get back into ice fishing this winter. Any suggestions on lakes to try?
      Fished Sage on Tueseday and finally caught a couple nice pumpkinseeds. Went back to Peach yesterday and caught a 3" perch. Oh well, better than nothing, lol!
    7. yoda
      we put 95 fish in the boat from 7/29 to 8/15 in Fairport..
    8. yoda
      What do ya need to now? we don't get to Roger City at all, we are planning a trip to RC in September ..
    9. Fishfighter
      I fish up there whenever I can and I hope to live up there some day you been to westbranch before?
    10. yoda
      Hi Josh, Whats a guy from west branch doing on a UP salmon form :-)
    11. Fishfighter
      I got walleye bass gills crappie rockbass and perch walleye and gills came trolling the sunken island after dark they were in there feeding
    12. mquigley69
      I was hopeing to get out this weekend,but I have to work. What kind of fish did you get into, gills? I have heard there are some walleye hiding in that lake but they are very hard to find, sure would like to get a few of those.
    13. Fishfighter
      gonna be out on peach in the am went to secord today got a few hope to see you on peach if your there tomorrow I fish out of a white tuffy if you see me feel free to say high
    14. Fishfighter
      I think I should be out tomorrow but what kind of boat did you get?
    15. mquigley69
      I have not been on peach yet. I bought a boat that needed a little work, soon as it is ready I hope to give it a whirl.
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