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Jan 29, 2017
Aug 28, 2002
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Jan 29, 2017
    1. Dantana
      Hi Harry, another season and another order. However, when I get ready to submit, I receive a "500-Internal Server Error" message. Tried three times and get it every time. Are you experiencing any problems on your end?
    2. Dantana
      Thanks Harry, just placed an order.
    3. Dantana
      Looks good Harry. I will keep an eye on the site and make an order as soon as I see them up.
    4. turkey09
      Harry did you change your website for ordering jigs to only checks or money orders?
    5. 454casull
      I appreciate that Harry. I am going to make a strong effort to fish in the "normal" way this season along with hammering the carp and gar with the bow. Nice job last time out too! Love it when the specks are snapping.
    6. 454casull
      Harry, Do you know if the ice is off the St John marsh cut? What a winter this was!
    7. sbrickne
      That's what I like to hear! It's good to know what to look for to potentially find some swimmers. Thanks for the info Harry, appreciate it
    8. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Doan noe rite now????? I wanna go nort but doan wanna go fer nuttin.
    9. Burksee
      Hi Harry, got your note. Besides your computer issues I hope all is well! My address is Greg Burks, 2510 Woodcroft St., White Lake, MI 48383.
    10. Michael Wagner
    11. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      If I don`t go back to work yes.....
    12. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
      I'm overdue for a trip out,,, I just can't stand the bitter cold!! Recon trip eh? Trying out some new jigs eh? The new house is awesome, we couldn't love it more!! Cheaper than living in the city and I love the privacy! The wildlife is a huge plus too :) sounds like rain and warmer temps next week, I hope to start getting out more,,, it's just a lot of work for me to go,,, too much in fact. As much as I love it, I won't go it alone like I used to!! Hope you & Annette are doing good!!
    13. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
      I haven't been in here much, but have been wondering how things have been going for ya? Been fishing? :)
    14. Joeker51
      Can't quit tinkering with your jigs my my:16suspect:nono::whistle:
    15. jacktownhooker
      Thank you so much for the Russian spoon demo's. I got them and cant wait to test them. I tested in the sink with medium action pole and liked how they fluttered although I did bend them slightly more, found that the bigger beads seemed too flutter better. thinking about trying the smaller beads with gulp eggs or 1" gulp minnow .SO THANKS , I will give feed back as I learn to use them and will give the big bead and gold back first dibs.
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