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Far Beyond Driven
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Apr 20, 2018 at 1:01 PM
Jan 23, 2006
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Holland, MI
I clean up projects when other people fail

Far Beyond Driven

from Holland, MI

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Apr 20, 2018 at 1:01 PM
    1. JSchipper
      Hey FBD,

      Hunted Todd with you a couple years back now. You put me on my first field goose! Thanks again. I remember you mentioning Todd's walk in for ducks when goose season hasn't started. Just saw this pop up in a previous topic on here. What's your experience been like? Does it get packed full of guys?

      1. Far Beyond Driven
        Far Beyond Driven
        Not so bad but it's hit or miss on ducks. On the days with ducky weather it gets busier. You will see birds, but getting them to come out is a trick.
        Oct 2, 2016
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      2. JSchipper
        Thanks FBD!
        Oct 2, 2016
    2. Ken Martin
      Ken Martin
      FBD, There are some of us, that are members of HIWHA that are making sure that doesn't happen (unfair advantage to regulars/islanders). Just at the last meeting I made the point of how absurd an idea it was to make boat parking areas for corn zones. BTW, I actually got my Life Membership plaque in the mail today.
      1. Far Beyond Driven
        Far Beyond Driven
        Just talking crap due to Fsamie's posts. Even though we don't get out there much, I love the work that you're doing. Probably need to get out this year as my daughter has about worn out her sweatshirt.
        Sep 7, 2016
    3. kroppe
      Hello Mr. FBD,

      Fishing out of Muskegon this week and it seems with the water temps, as you pointed out, the fish could be/are in shallow. What are your go-to lures? Do spoons and walleye-type Rapala body baits work? What about inline weights to get the lures down? How shallow is shallow? I ran in 12 FOW yesterday with the inside board probably in 8-9 fow.


      BJ Kroppe
    4. crossneyes
      F.B.D. I grew up in holland and heard a rumor that lake mac is giving up walleyes like it did in early 80s, have you heard that? L now live near Lansing but would certainly make the trip if this is true. Thanks crossneyes
      1. Far Beyond Driven
        Far Beyond Driven
        Sorry about the delay, didn't even know there was a message function here. Yes, you can get some walleyes in Mac anytime, but the latest thing is sometimes (but not always) when the big lake flips and gets cold near shore, the walleyes that are scattered throughout Lake Michigan move into Lake Macatawa.
        Sep 7, 2016
    5. hunterjoe
      Would love some info on how you're getting the steelhead. I will be out there next weekend (from MN) visiting my family and will be heading out fishing. Being from MN, I don't have the ability to go find them on my own. Any help would be appreciated. We would prefer Muskegon, but anything near there is in the cards if need be. Just want to have some action and not get skunked.
      Thanks in advance.
    6. sovaa4307
      Pm me if you could. site won't let me message you.
    7. Slenky
      Is there a swap meet in Holland this weekend or is it next weekend? I thought I saw a post but can't find it.
    8. tgafish
      Youre on the right track with the 4 winns. 2016 will be the worst king season weve ever seen. 2014 and 15 will most likely be the new normal
    9. StiffNeckRob
      Kevin, PM me. I want to give you my # should you ever run into problems out there again. For some reason I can't PM you here.
    10. mincmi
      Have some good overcast here today so planned on using our South Carolina spread where we work the top 20 primarily with short cores and coppers off boards with Jr & Mini streaks - may throw a Rapala on as well but seem to do better on spoons.

      Any advise would be appreciated.

      Always enjoy reading your post.


    11. mincmi
      and then if I don't run into anything in tight it is a short distance to move into deeper water for salmon - probably less than a 1/4 mile from shore in the NE corner of the hole.
    12. mincmi
      How close do you work them this time of year? Less than 20"? Not sure if you have trolled out of Frankfort (I seem to remember a thread where you and your son were catching browns off the pier) but my plan was to come out of the piers S and work about the 20' range towards the H. Hole
    13. mincmi

      I saw your post about possibly going targeting browns if you had some good temp. Was thinking about running in the shallows for browns here in Frankfort earlier this last weekend. I don't get to MI. much so did not want to "waste" a trip. We had 58 degree surface water away from the harbor and after yesterday, I got to believe it has dropped.

    14. Rem870Mag
      Hey I was one of the guys in 6b thanks for the write up
    15. dand1125
      Hey Kevin, My name is Dan Dixon. I used to work out at Elhart and you and I exchanged #'s at the swap meet back in february. We talked about getting out fishing together. Just wondering if you will have any room some time in the next couple of weeks. My new job keeps me at work all week and until 2 on saturday's. i can go most anytime saturday afternoons or on sunday's. Thanks, Danno
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    I clean up projects when other people fail
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