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Feb 19, 2018 at 9:47 PM
Sep 18, 2005
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A lake with no fish.
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Male, from A lake with no fish.

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Feb 19, 2018 at 9:47 PM
    1. csmithrun
      Hi Encore, I see you asked about a property I had up for sale over in Holton MI 65.5 acres. You asked about it in 2013. I haven't checked that post in forever. I still have it. it's on Brunswick road. just past Linderman going west. If your still looking. Just put in a new well. Next will be to tear down the old mobile home. I don't have it up for sale anymore but if your still looking let me know.
      1. ENCORE
        I'm not looking any more. Not sure we're going to move back down below any time soon. Unless its NC...
        Apr 14, 2017
    2. ENCORE
      Hope like hell its better after this surgery. It takes time and hopefully you'll be up and moving and the pain will subside quickly. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from the doc. Merry Christmas to you and your wife also.
    3. Paperboy 1
      Paperboy 1
      I am home. Thank you for your help and friendship. Merry Christmas to you and Sally. Long road this time. Will still have to see what I do and don't get back from this one. Lots of pain, but I'll stick it out. Gives me a reason to bitch.
    4. Paperboy 1
      Paperboy 1
      Hey my friend... I'll be in surgery at 10am tomorrow morning. Say a prayer to guide the docs hands. It gonna hurt for awhile, but by next deer season it'll be game on!! New muzzleloader too. Wish the staff at the hospital patience with me....LMAO! Don't start anymore **** online while I'm gone...OK? St. Mary's in Saginaw is my home for the next few days.
    5. ENCORE
      Not yet, maybe tomorrow when its much warmer out. There's no doubt I'm not used to it yet and need to shoot it more. I'll have to try your method and see what happens. I'm open to all ideas but, I still think a lot of it is probably related to me. Maybe I'm just to used to shooting the muzz and need more time with the handgun. Honestly, I haven't even shot the Buckmark in quite some time. That needs to change to I guess. As I stated in a post, I like to get what the firearm will give plus, I need to prefect myself and that has a lot of work ahead.

      One thing I didn't mention in my posting is, I've had a whole year full of eye problems, with 2 surgeries on my shoot'n eye and 2 on my left eye. This along with a 5th surgery for sinus problems long put off. The eyes have mended but, the left has some "slight" recovery to go. So I need a little more time at 25'. Thanks for suggesting and helping!
    6. pacman82
      Did you try what I suggested in the post. I had the same problem as you and I shoot the whole line of M&P and the only problem I had is with the shield. Being a micro 40 precision shooting is far from best. IF you try what I suggested you will see how much movement there is when you pull the trigger. Short barrel, Narrow carry gun, i say you are shooting will, the gun never will be a 25 yard bull eye shooter in my opinion.
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