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    1. stead1ne
      Hello, I have recently read your post about the hunting lease. I just moved to the brighton area from northern michigan. I own an awsome piece of property in northern michigan that I have managed for a couple years now. However, the property is 4 hours from brighton and I dont make it up there much to hunt. I am looking for a lease in the livingston county area. It sounds like you guys have a great spot over in howell. I would be very interested to meet you and possibly take up the lease with you guys long term starting in 2012. I am an avid bow hunter who loves the outdoors. I practice QDM and would love to find a piece of property with some other quality bow hunters. I tried the state land thing down here this year and needless to say, it is a joke. If you are looking for anyone for next years hunting season let me know. I am willing to put the time and effort into the land that a management program needs. Please let me know.
    2. casscityalum
      hey where did that thread of all the kids hunts go??
    3. HunterHawk
      sorry you didnt get drawn!!! but look on the bright side.. you can video my hunt! and a few other hunts for me... or let me barrow your camera :) what time is your banquet over tonight?
    4. mich_archer
      I've been trying to get ahold of big dave all week, we were suppose to drive up together this weekend. i've emailed and left msgs on the cell.
      have you heard from him at all? happen to have his home phone?
      i'm getting a little worried, this is not like him.
      let me know

      734 812 5401
    5. HunterHads
    6. HunterHawk
      hey fart face i found both dvds that i was trying to find with all our turkey hunts on them.... we should find a time and place to meet and see if it is even possible to try and see if we can get these to work.. i would like to post a few on the forum....
      let me know if you need any help with this pig hunt or anything else...i am hoping to be out of here by the end of march... to colorado... but we will see... i may put it off but i hope not... i need to get out of here and get a real job... get a hold of me
    7. BWHUNTR
      been good chatten with ya Dan. Look for ya at the QDMA Banquet in Chartuckey!
    8. HunterHads
      Looks like we got a full team.
    9. dsconnell
      I would have said deadgoose but he is out... I set up something for my buddy Jem before budont remember what it was now...
    10. casscityalum
      crap i got it now..ok ill start lookin or let you and hads find someone
    11. HunterHads
      good deal! We just need to find one more guy and we have a team! Any ideas?
    12. HunterHads
      Turkey team with Casscity, Nbman, TVCEAST05, and I?
    13. lumleyk2
      Dan I'm not sure how to send you the pics from this weekends hunt but I did up load them to the photo gallery my handle is lumleyk2 thanks again
    14. thunder river outfitters
      thunder river outfitters
      shouldnt you be at work?
    15. anonymous7242016
      I just was checking out your pics and I come to the conclusion you do some video hunts. Thats cool. I used to live in howell on curdy rd west of eager. Had some good huntin there. Do you film in Michigan? Do you have anything for sale? let me know I like to see Michigan guys on tv.
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    Howell, MI
    Mortgage banker
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    Whitetail Deer
    Very avid outdoorsman and proud father... Recently went on a bear hunt and filmed my first professionally and looking forward to many more!! hunt all over the states and Canada but have yet to venture outside of North America.. Coming Soon!

    Kids!! Hunting, Hunting & Hunting.... Fishing Sometimes too!


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