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    1. goodworkstractors
      What's up man. Had to re-up my membership to have more space in my PM box. How've things been going? Were you able to put together a trip to Wyoming for this fall? Been out hunting around here at all? Just had a baby myself, so won't be getting out much for awhile. Going to try and save up my chances for around the end of the month when the rut starts to heat up.
      1. dpweurding
        Hey Courtney, been a while since we spoke last! Just wanted to check up and see how things have been for ya. Wishing I was in the woods, so i figured i would check out MS to see whats new.
        Nov 15, 2017
    2. fishineveryminuteofit
      You and yours wanna come up soon to see our new casa? maybe hit Angel or Indian lake for old time sake? My mom bought a 'toon to leave on the lake at all times, so we got total access if you wanna go smash some bass. I know its a hike, but we gotsta do it sooner or later. later brosef
    3. goodworkstractors
      Yeah, this weather is no good for hunting. I picked the May season this year as we just had our second baby and I knew time would be limited. I figured the longer season would give me more chances to get out. I was a little hesitant since I thought the breeding phase might slow down and the weather would be too warm. However, we'll just have to see what happens. Early May should be okay I think.
    4. fishineveryminuteofit
      Hey Bud, I was talkin about you recently, miss goin out with you. Life has opened up a bit and now lets me enjoy more time off. I got a new job in Jan. at the hospital and only have to work three days a week and be on call once every other. And so far havent been called in. I will have to say Amen to the gettin out soon. Fishin or hunting or just shooting i dont care, we will just have to plan somethin. Btw I dint get over to Det river this year or last. They were catchin hogs right up to tourney day(i had to work) but they ended up cancelling due to high winds. Any whoo, take it easy, hit me up on txt or somethin, later man.
    5. goodworkstractors
      What's going on man? Are you doing some turkey hunting this spring? Which season did you get?
    6. goodworkstractors
      Yeah, I got those two doe with my gun on the 15th. Most likely, the next time I can get out will be the weekend after Thanksgiving. I might be able to get out somewhere this Sunday afternoon, but I'm not counting on it. I love that primetime of the first couple weeks of November. Sucks that it's another year away now, but the bucks were still doing some chasing when they weren't locked down with does. However, I think that'll be coming to an end soon.
    7. goodworkstractors
      Have any more luck? I shot two does up in the Thumb area. I messed up on a big 8 point two weekends ago too. That was the only 3.5 I've seen this year and I had him at 27 yards, but I used the wrong pin.
    8. goodworkstractors
      Hey, congrats on that doe man. That land I was on was on 657 in some woods behind a grape vineyard. Pretty sweet piece of land. I blind called in a little 4 or 6 point with a doe grunt which was all I saw yesterday morning. Last night I saw three doe, but I had something walking around in some thick stuff behind me. However, I was set up bad with the wind and once it got down wind it took off. Pretty good spot though, that's for sure. Congrats again.
    9. goodworkstractors
      I'll definitely let you know. I have never been duck hunting, but would love to go. I went pheasant hunting for the first time last fall and it was a blast. I've heard duck hunting and goose hunting is a great time.
    10. goodworkstractors
      I will do that. Good luck tomorrow night. The next two weekends after this upcoming one, I'll be up in the Thumb. I also avoid public land at all costs from the 15th-30th, but I'd be game to hook up and go late season somewhere. I scouted 7 different sections of CFL this year as it seems to get less pressure than the stae land sections.
    11. goodworkstractors
      I'm off Ye Olde Woods which is east of the Citgo a half a mile or so. John Wardlaw is my friends name, but he doesn't own the land, he just hunts there. I haven't been to this piece before, so I'm not sure where it is at exactly. I graduated in 2000 from Mattawan. All I know is I can't wait to get out this weekend. I wish I could tomorrow with this weather change coming in, but stuck at work. I have to believe action is going to really start picking up these next few days.
    12. goodworkstractors
      Hey, how are ya? I'm in the corner lot in my neighborhood and my lot borders Red Arrow. I'm actually headed out to Lawton with a buddy on Saturday to a small section I've never hunted before. In this neck of the woods, I'm pretty much limited to state land and commercial forest land only except for the occasional buddy who takes me out. I head up to the Thumb to hunt my grandparents farm quite a bit. My name is Courtney by the way. Did you go to Mattawan HS by any chance?
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