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Jan 9, 2021
Sep 18, 2005
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Jan 9, 2021
    1. dechilson
      Got the boat trailer back this afternoon. Now to tired to go out. Maybe tomorrow - weather permitting.
    2. dechilson
      Still waiting on the axle. Took another one in today - when he called me and said that they had some down at the TSC store. I said I was sitting in the parking lot. So, I purchased one and took it to them. They were to call today and tell me if it fit. No call. No boat, No fish, because of no trailer.
      PS>. I set the cam corder up this even in my hunting spot. On the way out there were 4 standing in the road where I hunt -so I put the Trail cam corder there and will check on it in a few day - like Monday. Oh, I could have gotten you one of those four legged critters this morning if I'd had my shovel. It was laying along side the road.
    3. UltimateOutdoorsman
      I haven't fished the big lake in quite a while. I've been up a tree trying to get my deer. Headed out tonight again in fact. I'll fish a few more times out of frankfort for some 2-3 year old kings and steelies, then put the boat up for the winter.
    4. dechilson
      Went to TC this morning to check on the lake at WB. We could get out with the wind the way it is. However there was not a boat seen in the bay. Must be the high wind warnings. I'll bet you the "hole" is full of them. We ended up with two on Friday
    5. NorthCoastEd
      Don, I heard that Walleye's can be had down where your fishing... hear anything about success? Sounds like you son had fun with that tangle!
      Regards, Ed
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