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David G Duncan
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Apr 12, 2018
Mar 26, 2000
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David G Duncan

Male, from Hazelton, PA

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Apr 12, 2018
    1. Ole Trapper
      Ole Trapper
      I just put two new threads on the forum. One for our Spring Rendezvous and one for our annual convention. Could you "sticky" both please.

      Gary A. Schinske
    2. BWHUNTR
      Thanks on the picture comment Dave
    3. Ole Trapper
      Ole Trapper
      Dave, I posted the Fur Auction dates for the coming season. Could you "sticky" it for me? Thanks Gary
    4. Outback48371
      Hi david
      Wonder if you are having any complaints about the site not loading the pages without hitting the refresh button. I get the top banner but a blank page till I refresh. this was on the trapping Mi. pages.
      Maybe you could pass it on to Steve?
    5. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      Thanks for the sticky Dave
    6. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      Dave we had a lot of questions about our fur sale rules at the Jay's sale. I posted them could you sticky it for a while?

    7. Bigcreek qdm co-op
      Bigcreek qdm co-op
      Hi Dave, I want to look at the pictures in the sticky "muskrat and mink bottom edge sets " but all I see is a blue question mark. Although I can see your drawing. Any help? Thanks Jim
    8. FAAMECH
      How can i get my password sent to me? I have acess to the site at work and would like to have access on the home computer. I have my old password but it doesnt seem to work..


      Eric L Morehouse
    9. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      Dave I posted the fur sales for MTPCA and MMIT would you please sticky them for me.

    10. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      Dave when I posted the thread on Demo's I didn't notice that Ed Lundborg put two items in for Sunday. Could you edit and remove everything on Sunday. I think people might get confused. I don't have an option to ediot it for some reason.

    11. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      Dave when I posted the thread about the MTPCA Convention I forgot that Greg switched from NAFA to FHA and I can not edit because of the sticky. would you please make the correction for me. Thanks for the sticky on both the convention and trapper ed class.

      Dale Hendershot
    12. quackassassin
      David; I have been reading your trapping **101 posts in the archives and have picked up a lot of valuable info. Your posts have been more informative than those I have studied on Thanks for your patience in schooling us newbies. Hope to meet you at the convention in August. Thanks again
    13. staff staff
      Hello, my name is Edward Pierz and I am the Network (ecosystem) Content Specialist for Outdoor Hub. I was reading some of you MS posts and you have some really great stories and pictures. I was wondering if you would be willing to set up an account here so that we can share your content across our network/ecosystem while while giving you the credit you deserve. Please email me at or give me a call at 248-220-1449. Thank's and I hope to hear from you soon.
    14. Black Powder Trapper
      Black Powder Trapper
      David I just posted a trapper ed class could you sticky it up till the class starts?

    15. salmonguy10
      hi my name is salmonguy10, I was wondering why you moved my thread named mink box help. thanks
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