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    1. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
      Wow Laura,,,, I saw your nice Gar catch & caught your report,, NICE JOB!!! Sounds like you guys are enjoying every bit of summer!!! We must get together this upcomming ice season,,,,, A M&G is in order!!!;)
    2. D and L
      D and L
      Hi Lisa, long time no hear! Well, the lake looks like chocolate milk right now so we are not sure what to do....we might do a little duck hunting up in the flats instead, as the weather is much more suitable for that.
      How's with you and yours?
    3. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
      :16suspect Hi Laura!! Are you & Dan heading out this weekend?
    4. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
    5. D and L
      D and L
      Gosh, GREAT to hear from you Que Pasa! We are doing well !!! Hope you got my PM ! We miss you AND the "Get the Net" tournaments too !!! Are you still fishing them?
      Meanwhile, good to see you posting on You should share your wealth of info on fishing and line tying... You were my mentor for learning how to snell hooks and making my own walleye harnesses : > ) Give us a call!!!
      D & have you 2 been ! Laura was a surprise to see !!We were on the same " Get the Net " Team for a few years !!

      Que Pasa
    7. buckit2full
      yes i was the guy in the middle that is cool that you got some pics and the fight
    8. D and L
      D and L
      YES !!!! After about an hour.....
      I just finished posting some pictures of it, then I read your message :lol: What a fight.
      Was that you in the boat with "Crome Steel" by Peche when the sturgeon jumped ???

    9. buckit2full
      did you land that sturgon
    10. icefishin nutz
      icefishin nutz
      Where have you two been? Havent seen ya around in a long time. Hope your doin good, maybe we can meet up sometime this year:D

      Take care,
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    Dan and Laura: If you see one fishing or hunting you'll see the other one!!!! A match made in heaven!


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