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Sep 6, 2006
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Sep 25, 2020
    1. Artifishal
      Chris, it's Ari. Just saw a post by you and thought we could "friend" up on this site too.
    2. DeereGuy
      Hey Chris this is Bob...I work with your brother....I really enjoy your videos and have made my wife watch some of them>:)))...I need to have you guys help me clean out some of the coyotes around my place....I showed him the pic of the doe they got to while I was waiting out a poor shot...Unbelivealbe....I shot her at 9:08 ...waited till noon and found her at 12:45....she only went a total of about 90 the time I got to her the yotes had more than half of one side eaten.
    3. smokepole
      Hey Chris. The drive didn't go so well. Only had 6 guys and 2 of them didn't have any tags so they were just walkers. Pushed a few around but no bucks sighted this year. Next year were only gonna do it if we can get atleast 10 people. Way to much ground with only 6.
      Checking the ice already huh? Guys are fishing up in montcalm county already so you should be good to go. Probably about 4" already there. Definately making more every nite. As long as we don't get a pile of snow to insulate it there should be plenty of ice by xmas.
      I'll still be sitting in a tree somewhere tho till the 1st.
    4. Smith&Brownie
      Awesome! I'll definitely be checking them out.
    5. Smith&Brownie
      Hey man I saw your turket hunting video you posted on here, the double kill...AWESOME! That was a really fun hunt to watch, I had to show my brother and a few of my buddies. Nice camera work!
    6. QDMAMAN
      So how'd it go? Was the bite on?
    7. QDMAMAN
      No need for appologize. I know where you're coming from. Even if you gave me waders, a pole, lures, and all I had to bring was my license, socks and long undies...I wouldn't have time to fish anyway. ;)
    8. QDMAMAN
      Well have a good trip and be safe! BTW, don't hold your breathe about hunting my stands. :D
    9. QDMAMAN
      Close enough! I know how sacred a good stretch of river can be and the ripple effect of showing a friend...or 2...or 2,000. I started fishing the Big S. Branch of the PM and took a friend adout 20 years ago. Now I go up there and the place is packed and everybody I talk to while there, is somehow connected to that 1 guy. Go figure.
      I'm assuming it's been a productive spring?
    10. QDMAMAN
      Hey Chris, without giving up GPS coordinates, where are you steelie fishing at?
      1. chris_kreiner
        I was going through my profile page and noticed this from 2009.....If you ever want to go Steelie fishing on my special stretch of river, I think you've earned it!! ;) Can't believe we've known each other this long already. Keep up the great work with everything you do!!
        Oct 29, 2015
    11. HunterHawk
      ahhh crap.... scratch that... forgot that is valentines day :( i dont know when im going to the show... im guessing sunday but thanks for the invite and if i some how get the afternoon off ill get a hold of you
    12. HunterHawk
      ill be in lowell on saturday... doubt i would be able to fish though im going for my brothers grand opening for his chiropractic building.... wish i could fish too though..
    13. HunterHawk
      haha its funny you said something because i was getting ready to go to sleep last night and i was like what the heck he never let me know if he even liked it!!!

      glad you like it man... i had fun with it the whole like 2 times i used it haha... never saw anything other than a bluegill and little perch on it though!!
    14. HunterHawk
      10-4 just keep me updated!!! let me know by 4 at the VERY LATEST because i leave here at 4
    15. HunterHawk
      i even have the box haha.. i would give ya the receipt even if i could find it... ill look around... its not real old haha on the board i posted i got it for 130 but i think in all reality it was 150 something... my g/f gave me the extra 20 something so thats why i said 130 :) gotta love girlfirends... opps i mean fiance's :) and like i said ill give ya the marcum compass incase you dont want to carry around the tripod too.. works just as good as steves i think... damn i better move to colorado or i am going to be real sad... i just sold all my traps and now my camera... next on the list is vex, xbobx, paintball gun, mojo duck, panasonic 5 cd changer and who knows what else :( thats like all my toys haha... starting to get depressed so i better get the dang job!!!
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