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    1. billgiffin
      Hi Nick, Bill Giffin again.....thanks for offer to reduce price on replacement Teton....any chance you hav a medium somewhere? I really like the size and feel of that rod...walleye hit on way up..raised up to compensate and high sticked rod. I do not think medium light will handle 1 oz jigs I use....hope you can dig one up for me. I have given your number to friend coming to fish in 2 weeks.

      I appreciate your offer and e you can dig one up for me by next week. Expect to fish most of next week

      Bill Giffin 734 552 1647
    2. billgiffin
      Hi Nick
      Meet you at dwf meeting great job speaking

      1. I Need phone number for friends of mine who are interested in chartering you

      2. I purchased Teton rod from you at it.....but after 2 trips it breaks when I set hook on walleye ......I know" no guarantee ". .....just wondered if you might replace due to only 4 fish caught on it. Bill Giffin, I am going out again Fri and would love to pick it up before then if we can work something out. 734 671 5926

      You must have killed them yesterday...even we did
    3. DoubleJay
    4. Wall-llard Willie
      Wall-llard Willie
      Wish I could get there, busy til 1st weekend of Oct. Keep me posted
    5. DoubleJay
      Capt Nick,

      This guy posted today:
      We ended up with 79 today. 8-12 inchers took 4 hours to find them and caught most of them in an hour and a half. We were a few miles from sputnik in about 28 fow using chartreuse and fire tiger perch rigs with a single hook with a lead hooked to the snap swivel with the sinker.
      What's he talking about? I don't understand the "perch rig" he is describing. Is this something that is trolled or fished over the side while anchored?

      Jim (DoubleJay)
    6. erieiz
      Hey cap nick I was fishing next to you a few times and can never catch the wallies like you do. Do you offer any newcomers some lessons or a tricks you use on your boat. I am available any night of the week after 4 pm.
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