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Feb 2, 2020
Feb 14, 2004
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The Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor
I've worked for the state forensic center for thir
    1. carpetman
      Hey tom ron here !!wanted to touch base with you,we didnt do well or i would have got in touch with just wanted to let let u know,wish we could have met!!!hope u did well dwn there,we just couldnt seam to find em!!hope to see ya sometime and swap some good info!! Thanks ron!!!!
    2. Capnhook
      Turkey Day Monday. If all goes well, I'm back on the river Tuesday. I've been in Alabama. Glad to be back home.
    3. gum ball bill
      gum ball bill
      Hey Capnhook have you been down to the detroit river latly? I'm headed back there today for a 3 or 4 day stay had 3 days of limits last week
    4. Capnhook
      Any time. I hope to get back up there and catch a gallon or 2 this year again.
    5. SkotsMdlGrd
      I'll never forget ya Capnhook....U gave me ALL info/and size 16 hooks for SMELT at Higgins Lk. a few years did the SMELT were swimming top to bottom tho...
    6. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      I can`t get away from ya, turn on Mark Romanaks fishing 411 and there ya are iceing a nice tagged wally :lol:
    7. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Yeah, same place we always "Escape" to
    8. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      I might head up for a one day trip Sun. and I`m pretty sure at least one day next wk. end. I`m talking to Craig M. about going up for a couple days March 10.
    9. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Heck with the DVD`s, I know that Thom fella, I`ll just go fishing with him :lol:
    10. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Sit down to watch my favorite outdoor show and who`s smiling face should appear?
    11. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Can I have an autograph?
    12. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Ainnnnnt no ice in Alabama, 8"-10" of ice, snowmobiles and quads all over, should hold for a while but they have some warm temps coming. Let me know when your going.
    13. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Cap`n, ended up with 88 between us, started real good then slowed a bit, at noon they stopped completely, I got another good run at 3 and packed it in at 4, let me know when your headed up, I see a few trips in my future.
    14. Michael Wagner
      Michael Wagner
      Hey "Cappy" I`m heading up to Higgins in the morning to meet Doc Holiday and see ifn we can get some smelt.
    15. perch prowler
      perch prowler
      hey capn would that be the small red jensen eggs? I'm not sure what size they actually are, maybe 6mm or less all i know for sure is the atlas standard size is bigger than the old jensen egg. i use spikes with the ball on top, the smaller egg would allow me more spikes. it would be great to get my hands on a jar or two, I would be willing to come to you if you"re not to far out. My name is Troy i"m from the memphis/armada area, but do alot of driving as is. thank you!
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    The Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor
    I've worked for the state forensic center for thir
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