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    1. Spartans8989
      hey ben, do you still have that website for yote hunting going? I just called in a yote for the first time while hunting last night. I freakin missed it though but it was cool.
    2. doogie mac
      doogie mac
      ben-thanks for the heads up on the forum website! i am new to all (the forums that is...)this,so all the help is appreciated. This is really a cool way to keep up on all my favorite stuff!!!just got in from last day muzzle load season,kinda glad deer seasons over with this year. Did see a lot of varmit tracks!!! did some locator howling at night and was pleasantly suprized! hopefully gonna have a good winter. thanks again for the info,look forward to hearing from u again,doug
    3. BVW
      Hey Scott,
      Awsome Job with the fox! Good luck with the calling, the weather and snow have been good for it... I am also working nights so it's tough to get out sometimes.
      Keep me posted and let me know when you get some time, we will have to make a few set-ups somewhere.
      Ben VW
    4. Spartans8989
      Yo Ben, whats up. Been trying to trap the yotes at my grandpa's, there is a lot of them around. I saw one the other day while checking my snares. I got a fox in a leg hold trap about a month ago, it was sweet. going to try and do some calling tommorrow morning w/ a buddy. I'm driving at night now, so not much time. cya later. -scott
    5. Spartans8989
      Im sure if that worked or not, posting that message. Im still trying to figure this website out, but its pretty cool. I watched your dvd after I got home and thought it was pretty good. Lots of useful information that you dont get from other coyote hunting videos, because like in the video, most other coyote hunting video's are from out west or not from Michigan. Thanks man. talk to you soon
    6. Spartans8989
      yeah man, I watched right when I got home. For being an amature video it sure looked pretty good to me! Whats your website you were talking about? Thats funny you found me on here, I figured you probably were on here too! I just found this site a week ago and have been using it a lot for ice fishing info. Talk to you soon. Lets do some yote huntin soon! -Scott
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