Aug 31, 2010
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royal oak
    1. Just A Girl
      Just A Girl
      Hey Boomstick, How are you feeling?
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    2. blair_brad_steelhead
      I am heading to Port Austin this weekend. Would you mine sharing what you were using(lures/speeds) and where you fished from the marina(ie. straight out 80 to90 FOW). Any help would be appreciated.
    3. bows bucks n beards
      bows bucks n beards
      Hey there boom I was reading your post about your lease in greenwood! First of all I know How many people are in the area about their hunting property but i was just curios where abouts your property lease was in the area I live in emmett about 5-10 mins from the power plant I hunt two diffrent farms that across from the old property lines one on oatman road and one on metcalf rd. I was just curious iuf you had seen any nive bucks in the area I saw three big bucks driving around last night. Hope to hear back from you but I know sometimes its better just to keep it secret!
    4. Ralph Smith
      Ralph Smith
      Nice perch you got there. Those caught on St. Clair?
    5. KLR
      He'll make sure you have a great time...I hope you enjoy the trip!!
    6. harpo1
      Actually I built this one myself. I would suggest checking out some Amish sales though. A lot of their horse-drawn equipment is small enough for an ATV, or at least could be slightly modified to fit. Good luck.
    7. millbs
      Sounds like a sweet set up!!!!! They definitely don't seem to camera shy during the rut!!:)
    8. KLR
      No sweat - it's not one of those places people normally think about when they think of waterfowling. I've found that its a great place to go after our seasons close to shoot birds that are really colored up nicely...and the variety is pretty good. I'll bet we've killed 13-14 species of ducks in 3 trips. Lemme know if you have any questions.
    9. casscityalum
      ok, haha i dont have to much dirt on nate just good stories. he was one of the first to get me into duck hunting. hes younger than me but sure knows his stuff. If you get a chance to meet him ask him about a 15 hour night on munuscong bay lol. good times
    10. Michigander84
      Hey, there. Ya do any ice fishing?
    11. Michigander84
      Nice! Sounds like you're going to be having some fun. I've never waterfowl hunted but I've always wanted to. I love shotgunning period. So, moving, eatable targets is appealing. lol Deer was slow off the get go for me. I found an area where deer cross tracks into oaks and a field to graze in from swamps and other cover I've yet to explore. It's real thick in some spots on the opposite side of the tracks. I saw a ton pre-season late July, August and September. I even saw a smaller buck a week prior to the 1st. Once the opener hit, nothin'. The wind sucked here too as well. So, I'm also hoping the rut hits hard. People are saying little bucks are chasing. We shall see. Take care, man.
    12. Michigander84
      Have ya been out there? Any luck or sightings at least? Take care, bub.
    13. Michigander84
      P.S. Got my Primos Ground blind in the mail. CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT!!
    14. Michigander84
      I had a busy weekend. I only got about 4-5 hours of foot time in the woods. I really didn't enjoy the sweat build up on my back from my back pack. lol It sucked but I love it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. Saw some sign and found that "blind" in the woods. The terrain I found was great. It's tough and it takes work but that'll keep the rift raff away. Didn't check out the pond yet with the lurking creature. I'll keep ya posted, bub. Have a good week! God Bless!
    15. BOEDY
      I think if you seen her you might change your mind...LMAO....
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