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Sep 29, 2002
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NW Michigan
    1. piscatorial warrior
      piscatorial warrior
      Hi Jon, that's a very generous offer. My fiancee' and I will be fishing the mouth into late sunday morning depending on the weather. I'll be driving a 2000 blue Chevy Silverado with a red cap. That's about the only time and place I know for sure that I'll be. If you've a mind to stop by and say hi that'd be great. If you've got extra eggs to share that'd be great too.
    2. Raylaser
      Jon: Love your posts about the AS! Have a favor to ask, my nephew who works 2 jobs only gets limited time to fish is taking his father fishing this weekend in the Oscoda area. They are fishing the pier and wadding. Any tips for their wadding on the AS right now? Not asking for honey holes just ideas like between such and such roads etc. You can send info via email if you want to God bless!
      1. ausable_steelhead
        They could be anywhere from Foote dam on down to the mouth. Below the dam, and any dark water near spawning gravel will be a good chance. They're in the current and actively looking for food.
        Oct 16, 2015
    3. westjam
      Hi Jon, I saw your latest post, looks like they are warming up in the AS. Are you still doing the guide thing? I didn't get out once last year for steelhead and that just ain't right. I'm thinking about getting out the second week of April, would you be interested in guiding me for a day or two?
    4. westjam
      Hey Jon, How have you been? I haven't done any river fishing since we got together up in Petosky over a year ago for the fall salmon bite. I'm thinking about getting up to the Au Sable for steel before to long and was wondering if you are still doing any guiding? I saw some of your recent posts and it looks like you're doing pretty well. Let me know if you have some dates available and maybe we can work something out. Thanks.
    5. tmilldrummer
      Hey ausable, I've read a few of your posts in different threads and was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction. I started attempting to salmon fish 3 years ago and know next to nothing about it... I have landed one fish in five trips, and that is a terrible feeling. I have tried spawn sacks from bbt on treble hooks and many other things. I saw you mentioned cured skein, is that spawn sacks? I'm sorry for bothering you, but I don't want to be considered a snagger and I'd really like to do it right. Thanks for any help.
    6. ruhlandg
      were those fish taken below the foote i have a cottage 15 from their and just started fishing it too, went up there a few weeks ago with no luck, and im plannoing a trip next week end but cant decit between foote and tippy
    7. Adam Peterson
      Adam Peterson
      Nice man!! Ya it was a decent fish I want bigger now!!! We HAVE to get together and do some fishing this fall!!!! Oh my brother caught a 5lb hens Tuesday night ****ing around fishing for bass and pike on partridge point south of town on his fricking 5 weight fly rod needless to say it was a great fight!!
    8. Adam Peterson
      Adam Peterson
      Ya I haven't done a whole lot of steelhead fishing the last couple weeks! Fly fished down at the dam the other day and caught 3 walleye on streamers, I've been doing a decent amount of trout fishing, way to many dumb ****s down there and it isn't even fun when people are always casting over your line when your hooked up, suckers are in now but still a bunch of chrome fish still coming in! What do you think your going to fish the Au sable we HAVE to float before they move back out, it's time we sight fish again man, I'm getting that Spey thing down pretty good so we should def hit it up with the fly rods SOON! Let me know when your heading back this way! Unless your turning into a westsider:)
    9. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      hey man check out the pig atlantic we caught today, its in the cold water forum. Its master angler i think
    10. Adam Peterson
      Adam Peterson
      You should do wend- thurs! I've been fishing the big lake for browns the last couple days to many idiots down at the dam during the weekend! It doesn't really bother me that chris is catching them at least he puts time in down there instead of some flat lander coming up getting blanked and say the fishing sucks! I'll let you know what me and Kelly are going to do, but Thursday would be nice we could fish all day and float the whole thing!
    11. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      im not really sure about that, but i can tell ya that they hold there now! I also hooked a nice chrome steelie at the dam but it got off on me.
    12. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      Yah below the bridge, and i did bobber by the pipe today but that hole really sucked the last five years i fish with a guy that used to slayem there but it either filled in or they just dont like to hold there anymore. when they put the new boardwalk in they cut all the trees down and i dont think they like it there as much anymore.
    13. Adam Peterson
      Adam Peterson
      Nice, have you been there or just got a couple good reports? If I don't go someware with Kelly Thursday do you want to meet up and show people how you fish that river?!?!
    14. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      i caught another brown today about 8-9lbs or so i got some pump outta this one about a half a sandwich bag full not alot but just the right amount to tie up some bobber bags. im back to work now so my weekday trips are done, but i have fri sat sun off so well have to float one of these days for sure
    15. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      Heres a good one for you 2-12 yesterday (oops) fished the toilet bowl, couldnt keep em outa the current, today went 4-5 with one being about a 12lb hen brown. steelies two 4lbers and a 6lber. Fishing was red hot last couple days, now i go back to work in about an hour. that will slow me down a little.
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