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Jun 20, 2019
    1. ausable_steelhead
      Is partridge point off the lake shore? It was probably a dropback; that would be cool. IMO, a steelhead on a 5wt is definitely do-able; what did he hook it on? I fished yesterday, and it was SLOW...I landed a dropback and lost a big silver hen. I've hit almost all of my fish on the flyrod this spring, which is cool. I think our run is winding down though, this warm weather sucks! Yeah, we'll do some fishing again at some point.
    2. ausable_steelhead
      Hey, I seen that big brown you got on kellys site, cool man. I'm still getting steelhead up here, some are fresh and tight still. I will be fishing stream trout by june.....
    3. ausable_steelhead
      Hey, how's the fishing by you? We are starting around here pretty decent. We're getting a lot of rain though, and that's scattering the fish somewhat. I got a big ol' chrome hen yesterday.
    4. ausable_steelhead
      I was just joking about Chris, lol. He has really gotten good at 9th the last couple years, pretty cool. It's also good to know you guys still have a few browns around as well. I might hold out till Wed-Thurs.
    5. ausable_steelhead
      They've been reports, but from reliable people(locals). I'm not sure if I'm gonna do Tues-Wed or Wed-Thurs. You need to get your ass on the TB, and stop Chris from tagging ****in' browns dude! He's been on a ROLL lately, on bows' and brownies.....
    6. ausable_steelhead
      Hey, the A is picking up, fresh fish in the lower; some browns too.....
    7. headbanger421
      Got your message today. I'll look into it and see if I can get that done for you.
    8. ausable_steelhead
      No, I figured something happened after a 1/2 hr. I went to go to the Gasline this morning, but there were people everywhere. All I heard was it was really slow all weekend. I did go 1-2 in the Tawas and seen a nice male caught at the mouth.
    9. ausable_steelhead
      No, I'll be in Linwood, so it'll be a little over an hour drive this time. I just didn't know it would take me so long last time, and it's almost 3 hrs from Charlevoix.
    10. ausable_steelhead
      Probably 7 at Lynn's. The sun rises at 7:49 according to the weather, so 7 should be right around first light. It's gonna be mostly sunny and 42 it looks like. Only thing that sucks is the weekend is gonna be nice, so there will be a bunch of people on the river, guaranteed. I'm getting my new line tomorrow, and tied up 75 egg patterns, mostly nukes, so I'm ready to fly fling. We'll just leave Chris and his spawn on shore:eek::lol:.....
    11. ausable_steelhead
      Hey, by the way, you still bringing the flyrod? I am, but if everybodys fishing bait, it's somewhat pointless. Unless we run the hole with flies first, then run bait after.
    12. ausable_steelhead
      ***! Bragging about a limit of skips now:lol:. I just hope I can actually hook one this time, remember, it's my turn:evil:.....
    13. ausable_steelhead
      Adam, **** yeah we're still on for that! I got some good bags. You want some coho pump? It's my last jar, but I'm not worried about it. I thawed an uncured skein out, but it was very mushy and runny, alot more then normal. I never cure steelhead skein- just tie it up, put a little borax on the bags(if you want), and freeze. I've caught MANY fish on that.
    14. fowl assasination
      fowl assasination
      HA HA, Craner is a homo, fresh pump bubba get ready!
    15. ausable_steelhead
      Hey man, nice brownie. I seen ya on Kelly's site, how much for a trout trip? Same as steelhead?
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