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  1. John Dumbra
  2. I.D. A VET
    I.D. A VET scottsinift
    Scott, good to hear from you. Hope your ice trips have been more productive then ours.
  3. accumarkuser
    accumarkuser buckykm1
    Morning! Been a spell since we talked. Congrats on your success this past season. Wondering if you keep in contact with anyone from Primos Cabin Chat? Wondering how Paula, Trent, Brandon and the rest were doing?
  4. John Dumbra
    John Dumbra Tom22
    ha seen you selling snowmobile seen your picture said gail is that your cousin what you been doing i,ve been retired in lewiston mi. fishing all the smaller lakes now get a hold of gail and i like to see you
  5. John Dumbra
    John Dumbra PerchPatrol
    got a report getting perch on grand 3 days ago 7' water
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  6. Basssmaster
    What is the possession limit for perch on lake saint clair? One website says 50, one says 25 and another says 35....
  7. Swampdog467
    Wishin I was fishin...
  8. Amos
    Amos sdominowski
    Steve, Walt is finally feeling better and was able to get out fishing Wednesday. Have you been out? Are you fishing the Bay or Sag. River? Have you seen Charlie? I think Ray is waiting for some good bucket sitting weather.
  9. outdooraddict
    outdooraddict hogeye_chaser
    My name is curt. We live down by lansing. We fish Erie in boat mostly we haven’t fished bay in a year Hoping you would help my son and i out. Not wanting to fish on top of anyone! We are coming up Friday afternoon for his Birthday trip. We are launching out of Linwood. Any help would be Very appreciated. Understand if you don’t. Love all your post!
  10. Amos
    Amos hogeye_chaser
    Ethan, Are you running charters this winter? Interested!!
  11. Cody Brown
    Cody Brown population control
    Thanks for sharing the decoy pictures. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling that decoy. Thanks CB
  12. John Dumbra
  13. John Dumbra
    John Dumbra slammin hogs
    pinewood off east higgins rd. any off dead end roads go out half mile 55-60 fow. lot little ones
  14. Walt Donaldson
    Walt Donaldson HUBBHUNTER
    Still around HH?! I hear there will be a possible Timberdoodle reunion in the coming weeks, hoping I can make it, but HH2 has reservations about me attending?!
      Still lurking. HH2 has reservations about his own attendance so I wouldn't worry about it.
      Jan 16, 2018
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    2. Walt Donaldson
      Walt Donaldson
      Ain't that the truth! Gave you a shout out! Check MWDH thread!
      Jan 16, 2018
      That **** gets me pumped up to fling arrows every time I watch it! Gotta get the B1G1 in 2018. Time to pass those 120's
      Jan 16, 2018
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  15. riverboat
    New to the site recently retired fished the bay as long as I can remember looking forward to helping out learn and share as much as I can