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  1. Bomba
    Bomba Nancy Fowler
    no. just saw your name and said you were across from Franks, and I knew he lived there. Just tell him I said HI!

  2. Nancy Fowler
    Nancy Fowler
    Are you interested? I can have Bob call you
  3. Bomba
    Bomba Nancy Fowler
    Don Bomba, he'll remember me, I use to work at Roadway in Saginaw. he did all the maintenance on our trucks. I'm the one who told him about my buddy Todds boat and he ended up buying it.
    1. Nancy Fowler
      Nancy Fowler
      Are you interested in the Auger? Did you need to talk to Bob?
      Jun 20, 2017 at 2:09 PM
  4. Bomba
    Bomba Nancy Fowler
    Nancy, is Bob your husband?
    1. Nancy Fowler
      Nancy Fowler
      Yes, who is this?
      Jun 20, 2017 at 12:41 PM
  5. taylor1884
    taylor1884 angry angler
    Angry Angler, I was reading a previous post of yours whereas you were putting a trolling motor (I pilot) on your Islander. Did you do that? Could you explain. I have a 191 Islander and would like to put some sort of auto pilot on it. Thanks in advance. Larry
  6. bobbers
    bobbers Corey K
    Calibrate your Shimano Convectors yet?
  7. ArrowFlinger
    ArrowFlinger mcastle1
    She should be home between 5:30 and 5:45.
    I am going to try my best to get out of work early and take my 5:00 call at home, so I can say bye to her.

    If that works for your wife, let me know.
    Fish walleye on Saginaw Bay and Salmon out of Manistee, Mi
  9. RJD
    RJD Dynrat
    Hi Mike.....this is Bob D. From FBC. Glad to see that you are getting a boat. If you are interested we could go out in my boat and show you what I know about jigging & trolling for walleye. Been fishing the river since early April . Mostly jigging but starting to troll lately. The scr is full of walleye right now..a lot of small fish though. Definitely a lot of info on this site ...many good fishermen.
    1. Dynrat
      Hope all is well with you?! Definitely interested in learning anything your willing to teach, and would be good to see you in any case. Just give me a shout at (586) 850-6787 sometime when you have a seat open. Would be happy to supply anything I can and pay for gas.
      Jun 13, 2017
  10. Bonefish
    Bonefish Brammy
    Where were you today if you don't mind me asking going to give it a whirl tomorrow be nice to catch a couple for once
  11. ddolph
    ddolph ChefT1985
    Bowfishing, depends on where you want to shoot saginaw bay or lake erie
    Steve from R & D guide service does a great job on Saginaw Bay

    I can take out 4-5 shooters out of Lake Erie Metropark on my pontoon.
    Night shoots run from 8 pm to around 12 am
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  12. Dynrat
    Dynrat jimbobway
    Saw your post in another members thread looking for a boat and you mentioned that you might be looking to sell your Blue Fin. If you're still considering it I would be interested.

  13. Hookslinger
    Check out my youtube channel called "Hookslinger"
  14. HemlockNailer
    HemlockNailer Splitshot
    Hello Ray. My son is looking for a builder for a new home on Crystal Lake. You have any contacts in that area or recommendations ? ALAN
  15. David Mackinder
    David Mackinder EZHOOPS
    care to give any suggestions. like did you fish after dark. where did you launch. what area. I also read this every day. Heading there today from Battle Creek. Thanks