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  1. DiptheNet
    DiptheNet Stephen
    I am selling my 2019 Sportsman Masters 227Platinum. Check them out on the Sportsman website. Awesome boats, just over 90 hrs on mine. Great skinny water but yet good on the big water as well.
  2. BCTroutSlayer
    BCTroutSlayer wdf73
    I will be on the carp friday, Just saw your post about your fly rod. Bummer. It will probably be found before I make it up there but if i find it I will let you know. anything to report up there for fish? I am heading up with a buddy and its about a 4 hour trip for us. Thanks in advance
    1. wdf73
      Thanks for looking. The fish were very sparse while we were there. It appeared that there was a run earlier and hopefully there will be some more this week.
      The key was to get to the river before full light. The first hour was key. We fished McDonald rapids and did OK at first light with thundersticks. After that, the morons showed up and fish went into hiding.
      Please let me know how you do.
      Sep 22, 2020 at 12:47 PM
  3. Big Ben
    Big Ben Tip-up Teaser
    I do euro mounts for $75 and I'm just outside Holland. I've done a lot of them and have them down to a science. Send me your number and I can text you some pics of my work. My cell is 616-490-3956. Is he rack hard horned or does it still have velvet on it?

  4. Dogbox Bill
    Dogbox Bill
    thanks that works!
  5. whiteoakacorn
    Ready for a great season!
  6. pgpn123
    pgpn123 Mike4282
    Hi Mike, are you checking in to team #7?
  7. pgpn123
    pgpn123 walleyerick
    Hi, are you checking in to team #7? Helluva buck on your avatar btw
  8. unclecbass
    unclecbass Nice Shot 1982
    welcome to team 10, please remember to check in on contest forum
  9. unclecbass
    unclecbass lotzamatza99
    welcome to team 10 please remember to check in on the contest forum
  10. unclecbass
    unclecbass Go Lions!!!!
    welcome to team 10, please remember to check in on the forum
  11. unclecbass
    unclecbass gunfun13
    Do you have property in antrim county?
    1. gunfun13
      Just a lake house. But my hunting career started on public land up there, every few years I hunt up there for nostalgia.
      Sep 11, 2020
  12. jeepgod
    Can't sleep, fishing on da brain.
  13. cakebaker
    cakebaker Hillsdales Most Wanted
    Have you heard that rap song Rick flair drip? Song bumps.
    1. Hillsdales Most Wanted
      Hillsdales Most Wanted
      wtf!!! I had not seen that, hilarious. Hope i shoot a buck, got a Rick Flair idea. ;)
      Sep 25, 2020 at 9:46 AM
  14. Downrig
    Downrig Rauff's ridge
    I have a bear permit for Red Oak looking at Hunting around dead stream swamp can you tell me were to buy bait and some advice on baiting.
  15. oworm
    oworm wilsonm
    Do Coho actually run up any of the Grand Tribs.? My research tells me they were last stocked at Jericho in 2018. We spent hours beating the water on one of the larger tribs on Monday and didn't see a thing. 6th st Dam is definitely not my scene!