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  1. Randall Stevens
    Randall Stevens
    Maple river hunting spots?
    1. Randall Stevens
      Randall Stevens
      Moderators? This search engine might be broken?
      Aug 13, 2020 at 4:05 PM
  2. Randall Stevens
    Randall Stevens
    That's me in the orange hat.
  3. 12riverfish
  4. Walt Donaldson
    Walt Donaldson HUBBHUNTER2
    Hey, squatted 300 for 3 the other day......felt something pop but it was just my belt. #herniaorbust
  5. Walt Donaldson
    Walt Donaldson HUBBHUNTER2
    Hoop at the Park on Wednesdays at 630.......grab those kicks and I'll see ya up there. Oh, wear that one headband you have.
  6. GrandGuru
    GrandGuru AdamBradley
    Hello Adam. I'm looking for suggestions on guide spacing to do a spiral wrapped 10-20# Closer. Any suggestion?
    Thank You!
  7. thegospelisgood
    Unequivocally, I've learned to hustle from being hustled. I won't hate on the game, just get better at it.
  8. cscott
    cscott piketroller
    That is my black max. I can tell you exactly where it was lost. Happy to buy you a case of beer to get it back.
  9. quack head
    quack head CGBVizslas
    I don't know how to pm can you contact me via pm? I need some ducks for my started lab.


  10. PVA
    PVA hardwatersteve29
    Just wanted to let you know you can fish in Anchor Bay and do really well. You have more boat than you think. I fish mostly in the evenings during the week and have no problems.
  11. WillG3
    WillG3 FrankT75
    Frank - Willy G here. If you are the Frank T who called me on 68 today to give me the perch spot intel: MANY THANKS. Made our day. I am more than happy to reciprocate any time. I'll be out tomorrow with a buddy. Tight lines.
  12. gspointer
    gspointer Mokamania1984
    I just saw your ad for the Drahthaar, I don"t suppose she's still available.
    1. Mokamania1984
      Sorry no she’s been adopted
      Jul 28, 2020
  13. gkn0315
    Having fun
  14. don
    "The Few, The Proud"
  15. don
    Lifetime member of the "The Few, The Proud"