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Centerpin Fishing for Steelhead

Centerpin fishing for Steelhead in Michigan’s rivers has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Centerpin reels look similar to traditional fly fishing [...]
  • Congrats to Team #4 – One 4 All & All 4 Backstraps & Butter Wow, with all the game camera pictures from Team #4 early on, how could these guys loose?  Well unlike many of us, they turned the pictures into results. Here are just a few bucks that fell to the Backstrap Boys with their final team tally. Team #4 – One 4 All & All 4 Backstraps & Butter 138 pts Huntahalic-C AB15 AD7 (Done) Namrock AD7 AB19 (Done) 454casull FB13 AB7 (Done) ArrowFlinger AD7 AD7 (Done) U of M Fan [...]
  • Some of you may remember an article I wrote in the early 2000’s about utilizing mountain bikes as a tool for hunting.  While the bikes were a great tool for eliminating scent and going quietly into the woods, they did have their drawbacks.  Under pedal power, I found I often arrived at my stand sweaty which was less than ideal. Even though mountain bikes were made for off road adventures, I often found that their tires were less than adequate for coping with fallen branches, rocks, [...]
  •   The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the first cougar site in the lower peninsula in recent history.  While there have been many rumored and off the record unofficial sightings, this picture taken by a Haslett man in the early hours of June 21 was confirmed today to be the real thing. If bears or wolves don’t make the hair stand up on your back during an early morning trek to a tree stand.  This certainly [...]
  •   Walleye Fishing in the Detroit River That magical time of year is upon us once again.  The time of year that used to be synonymous with extended Red Wing and Piston playoff runs and the opening of the Tigers season still has immense meaning to the anglers in southeast Michigan.  It’s the time of year that we don’t mind waking up well before the sun shows itself, it’s the time of year that we don’t mind braving the chill of an early spring morning even if it’s going to be that [...]
  • Wild Turkey by In The Wild With Wags
    With over 30,000 bearded turkeys harvested every season since the millennium, Michigan is one of the top states in the country to bring home a wild bird successfully. However, to pull it off, you need to be in touch with your pattern.   The general license season for wild turkey in Michigan starts April 20 and leftover limited-quota licenses go up for grabs this Monday Mar. 16. With that, we are a little over a month away from your shot at a gobbler. Now is the time to make sure you know [...]
  •   Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ shown with optional smartphone mount and optional translucent orange cover for night time fishing. Ice fishing without sonar is almost like shooting in the dark.  I have used a Vexilar sonar unit for over 10 years.  I can hardly think of fishing blindly through the ice, as even when the fish aren’t biting, at least you can see them on sonar.  Recently smaller and more portable sonar units have come out that make use of your phone’s display for the [...]