Betty McNault Fly Pattern


Betty McNault

Betty McNault Fly Pattern

Hook – 3X long, standard or heavy wire
Size – 4-8
Thread – black
Weight – optional
Tail – red yarn, short
Body – silver mylar tinsel
Rib – (optional): fine or medium oval silver tinsel
Wing -(from bottom to top): equal bunches of white hair, black hair, and natural brown bucktail

Comment – Add red or yellow dumbbell eyes for life-like appearance and depth when stripping your line. Thanks to “Gunrod” for submission of the pattern and fly.

4 Comments on Betty McNault Fly Pattern

  1. Hi,
    Mistake about picture… or mistake about pattern ?

  2. Sounds like the pattern is a Mickey Finn.

  3. No mistake. Mickey Finns are typically yellow and red bucktail.

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